August Update


August has been busy.

Of course, what we see on the surface is not always the full picture. I’ve been working away behind the scenes on this and that, as well as learning to drive and doing readings for my clients. You might look at my life like a clock. Even when the arms don’t seem to be moving, there is much going on and ticking away within the mechanics out of view.

During this month I did experience a slight dip. With pains in my chest and stomach, I ended up being ferried to hospital in an ambulance late one Wednesday night. I have suffered with stomach problems since I was young, but the pain I experienced this time was far more intense than ever before. Once I was at the out-of-town hospital, I was linked up to a drip and given morphine to mask the pain. Thankfully, all of the tests and X-rays eliminated anything sinister, but it did mean that work was set back a couple of days. Aside from needing to rest up, I missed out on a lot of sleep that night. I’m still experiencing twinges here and there but I am keeping an eye on it.

As well as tinkering on projects, reading for clients, and being dashed to hospital, this was the month I met the artist, writer, and tarot creator, Andrea Aste in person.


Soaking up some sun and conversation in Hyde Park

Andrea and I began chatting online over a year ago, discussing each others decks, tarot, and our lives. We recently worked on a joint video, called ‘Tarot Tea Party’. When it seemed that he might be coming to London, he suggested we meet up.

On a sunny morning, I took the train to the city and met Andrea at Embankment. Of course, being only a stones throw from Watkins, that became our first stop. He’d not been there before, so I took him along to see their vast array of tarots and oracles. We found his Lost Code of Tarot amongst the titles and when I photographed Andrea with the set, the people working there were interested to talk to him.


At Watkins, with The Lost Code

Of course, I didn’t leave Watkins empty-handed. I bought that copy of Andrea’s deck and after lunch, we went off to Hyde Park to explore the cards and chat some more. We had a wonderful day; enjoying it so much that we agreed to meet again the following week. On our second day together, we visited The Museum of London and St Bartholomew’s Church, as well as creating an hour long video, answering questions from our online friends.

I was sure that Andrea and I would get along but I didn’t realise that we would click so quickly or so naturally. We had a lovely late afternoon walk along the river, speaking about both our past and our future dreams. A true friendship and creative partnership was cemented in those two days and I look forward to working on further projects together and meeting with Andrea again in the future.


Deck of the Month

SILVER_ERA_TAROT_4efc1fb49f8d1It would be too easy to give the Deck of the Month title to The Lost Code, though I am enjoying it immensely. But instead, I wanted to give the title to a set which I’ve always considered getting hold of but only recently took a chance on – The Silver Era Tarot.

This is one of those decks which can only truly be appreciated in the hand. As well as it being produced flawlessly by Schiffer (magnetic-clasp box, sturdy card stock, and attractive companion book), it has a warmer feeling in person, which doesn’t come across so well online. f4b802c723d297102c3e466bace93f33

The images are heavily influenced by the Rider Waite but have been created with photography. The artwork is
created by the artist Aunia Kahn and the text is by Russel J. Moon. Aside from the obvious masculine cards, Aunia uses herself as a model for all of the photographs. You might find this a strange concept, but it’s not instantly noticeable. And even where it is, it doesn’t affect the overall use of the images. Aunia dresses up in different looks for each one.

For a Rider Waite reader, this deck will hit the spot. But as an item of beauty, it hits many. The artwork is ethereal and dreamy, but clear and to the point. It’s my Deck of the Month because it manages to be artistically beautiful (in sepia with a hint of a different colour in each card) but also an extremely workable set for the beginner and seasoned reader alike.


Card of the Month

7bee7765bf6ffc20f6e7591d6996837bThe card for next month comes from my Deck of the Month, Silver Era Tarot.

Earlier, I spoke about the mechanics which sit in the background of life – those things we are manifesting but which can not be seen by the world just yet. In this image, we notice a face inside The Empress’s belly. Pregnant with new ideas, passions, or even a child, this woman nurtures this strong power and energy within her.

You may feel a strong connection to this image. Maybe you have something you are nurturing and growing, but which is yet to become public and unleashed on the world: be it a new project, an idea, a lease of life, or a plan waiting to be hatched.

The Empress is a card of nature and nature takes its own good time. We must find the right words to create a story, the perfect place to build a home, or the right person to share our thoughts and feeling with.

Know that this month is about waiting for the perfect moment and carefully nurturing those things which are important to birth. If we want to get things right, there is no rush. The process is as significant as the result.


As we move into September, the year takes its first baby steps towards winding down. But for many of us, myself included, our lifestyles and workloads are anything but winding down just yet. Magic is in the air and there are many new and exciting things to begin and become involved in.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this update. I’d love to hear from you if you have.

Wishing you all the best for September,


You can find my video with Andrea Aste on my YouTube channel, here.

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Images from Silver Era Tarot by  by Aunia Kahn. Main photo by Darren Burt.