About Steve

Card Reading PortraitWith over twenty years of experience, I am a seasoned tarot reader.

As well as writing about the subject online daily, I have read professionally for a number of years. I have returning clients, who I read for in person and online. I am also regularly booked for parties, where I can read for up to ten people in an evening.

I am currently taking my knowledge and experience with the tarot into teaching and private-mentoring, helping to guide others on their own path towards understanding with the cards. I am also the creator of my own tarot deck.

I live in Kent with my family.

If you wish to contact me, drop me an email at steven@tiferettarot.com


16 thoughts on “About Steve

  1. Hi
    My is Angeline and I just found your blog. You are amazing.

    I am interested in buying a deck of your silhouette-themed Tarot.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent job.


  2. Hi Anatasia

    The email should still work ok. Otherwise, you can message me through the contact page on my site at tiferettarot.com

    Thank you for your kind words. I have been consumed with projects of late but hope to soon getting back to writing here more regularly. I have IG, Facebook and YouTube accounts too, if you use those platforms.



  3. Hi Steve, as synchronicity would have it, I just read your post about tarot journalling. I am trying to work on my art every day through small watercolours and sketches and have been drawn to Taro again – I dabbled about 20 years ago – but never REALLY learnt the cards properly and abandoned it. This started me wondering today how on earth I’d find enough time every day to do both and voilà – I found your post. Thank you xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so pleased to know that this post found you at just the right time! I love to tarot journal, though it does take commitment and I do go through spells when I just don’t have the time and energy to do it every day. I hope to hear more about your adventure!


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