September Update

me01We’re so close …

I first heard about Spirit Within Tarot being published nearly two years ago. Not knowing how long the process would take, publication seemed a lifetime away. When I was finally allowed to talk about it being in print, the five months before release felt like a prison stretch. Now we are in September, the wait is almost over and there is just a week before the deck is available. I, for one, can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Having my deck out in the world has been a dream for a long time and, believe me, is not something I take lightly. I am grateful and know how privileged I am to have this opportunity. I am now hoping that you, the tarot readers and enthusiasts, will enjoy Spirit Within Tarot as much as I’d like you to.

DEck01I received my advance copy of the deck two weeks ago. Schiffer has done a wonderful job with the presentation and the colours are fresh but not overpowering. When I ran my own test-copy a couple of years ago via an external printer, the colours had appeared muddy and I’d been disappointed with the over all look. I rejigged some of the palette and reworked some of the images before I sent the artwork to Schiffer: in print, they still have my desired muted tone, but their boldness and clarity is not compromised in any way. As with all Schiffer decks, the set is exquisite: the box, with magnetic closure, is sturdy and the design is contemporary and smart.

I have been really touched by the support I have received since the release of Spirit Within was announced. I can’t tell you how thankful and appreciative I am to everyone who has got behind this project by preordering, sharing my posts on social media and sending messages of praise. It has been really warming to have people come up to me and tell me they have ordered the set. The decks should start shipping around the 28th September.


Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 18.25.34

A lot of September has been taken up with my preparation for the UK Tarot Conference in London next month, hosted by the wonderful Kim Arnold. This will be the fourteenth year that Kim has organised the two-day event and it is dedicated to tarot trump #14, Temperance. I will be running a workshop on the Celtic Cross spread.

I have a great fondness for the Celtic Cross – it is the spread I turn to for nearly all of my professional sessions – but I understand that it has as many detractors as supporters. People find it stuffy and overcomplicated and I can remember how it intimidated me as a beginner. I am hoping that my workshop will help those who find it difficult to break the spread up into more manageable chunks and for more seasoned readers, who may find it constrictive, to breathe life into the layout again. With examples and exercises, I’m hoping that getting back to basics will help to bring a little love back to this old method of reading.

I have heard that the conference is now sold out: if it is anything like last years event, I can understand why. I was pleased to meet Ciro Marchetti, Juliet Sharman Burke and Caitlin and John Matthews, amongst others, last time and learned a lot in the process. This year, my friends Chloe McCracken and Andrea Aste will be presenting too, as well as key speaker, Sasha Graham. Slotting myself amongst such great tarot names is a little daunting, I must admit, but I will give it my best shot. I will also be reading for clients who have booked in advance over the weekend and have a set of my hand drawn tarot shoes to give away in the auction – all proceeds of which go to the conference bursary.


Card for next Month

6pAs we move into October, we draw the 6 of Pentacles.

In my version of the 6 of Pentacles for the Spirit Within Tarot, I chose a charity box to illustrate the energy of the card. Whether you see yourself as the person adding a coin to the box or the one receiving it is really down to your own perspective; however, the card suggests that October will become a time of give and take for all of us.

It’s not easy for everyone to accept help. Support does not always come by way of money: some people will find it difficult to open up to another person emotionally or accept a little guidance. Whether this is you or someone on the receiving end of your own helping hand, know that these things take time. When we choose to feed the birds in our garden, they don’t come straight away: they will only take up the offer when they feel comfortable in doing so.

Be open to a little support over October but remember that you have something to offer as well. We all have individual skills and experience that is valuable to others. What can you pass on that someone else might need? A single coin, an hour of your time, or your smile could benefit another person more than you realise. What is it they say? – sharing is caring.


I can safely say that this is most tarot reader’s favourite time of year. The Autumn decks are coming out and Halloween preparations are underway for many. Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a wonderful October.

Best Wishes


If you’d like to book a reading or mentoring with Steve, visit his online store 

You can order your copy of Spirit Within Tarot on Amazon

You can find out more about the UK Tarot Conference here


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