Spring Update

41OIEV2tvXL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_It has been a while since I updated my blog but there has been a good reason for that.

Most people now know that my new deck, Spirit Within Tarot, will be released towards the end of the year. I signed my contract with Schiffer last July but my deck submission was probably sent about a year before that, back in 2015. During all that time, I was asked to keep the news under my hat by my publisher. For the most part, this has not been a problem but it has been difficult to update what I have been doing here, since a lot of my time has been spent on the deck. While the images all needed to be re-jigged, (and in some places changed), I needed to set aside some time to write the accompanying book, work on my marketing, and design ideas for the packaging. This all took up many hours but I am glad to say that everything is now completed and the deck should soon be off to print!

If you were one of the people who asked about my deck during that period of time, I apologise for my vagueness. It was difficult to give a useful and honest answer without letting the cat out of the bag. There is still things I cannot discuss about the deck before its release but it is in Schiffer’s catalogue and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. I will be able to spend more time speaking about the Spirit Within Tarot when we get closer to September. All I can say this far is that Schiffer have done a great job with the deck’s design and I am looking forward to finally holding a copy in my hands! I am hoping that it will be well received and accepted as both a modern and accessible version of the Rider Waite standard.

Preparing for the UK Tarot Conference


As well as currently working on another project with another deadline, I am also starting to prepare for the 2017 UK Tarot Conference in London. This is both a big honour and overwhelming responsibility. Following in the footsteps of great tarot writers, commentators and creators, such as Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, Ciro Marchetti, Caitlin and John Matthews, Juliet Sharman-Burke, and Phillip Carr Gom, I will be treading the tarot boards with some of my friends – Andrea Aste, Chloe McCracken, Kim Arnold and Kirsten Buchholzer. It is something I am extremely excited about doing but, I admit, the prospect is a tad scary. I will be talking about the Celtic Cross, a spread that is much like Marmite (you either love it or hate it). My intention is to reignite the love for the layout by showing how I use it in professional sittings. Thought I have spent the last year immersed in design and writing projects, I wanted to share my experience of ‘the cross’ because, at heart, I am a reader.

Stepping into the world of Mr Aste

andrea and i

Though it seems as if I have been chained to the computer, I have had time to enjoy myself too. One of the great things about making friends online is that a few of them have become friends away from the screen. You may have already seen posts and videos I have shared with the writer and artist, Andrea Aste. Only recently, we met again in London at the opening night of a taproom he was commissioned to decorate with his art. This is not the first interior Andrea has designed but it is the first I’ve visited. Situated within North London, Bohem are now serving beer from the UK’s only Czech brewery. On both sides of the room, the street on which the taproom is situated is shown in Andrea’s individual style, enabling its inhabitants to come in and pinpoint their own homes on the mural. The painting’s style is reminiscent of Andreas ‘Lost Code’ tarot, which makes the experience even more surreal if you’ve stepped into the world of his tarot imagination already.

It was a warm and pleasant evening in London. With beer flowing and Andrea’s work on show, my partner and I chatted with other tarot minds, art lovers and beer connoisseurs as the taproom’s visitors spilled out onto the street.

Card for May

20fcupsFor this update, I decided to ask Andrea’s Lost Code of Tarot what we have in store for the rest of the month. The card that the deck dramatically threw in my direction is the 2 of Cups.

In this version, two cups stand together: one looks timid, while the other is bold and leans in to make its new friend feel comfortable.

The 2 of Cups is a card of emotional partnership. While it can speak of existing friendships, it signifies the beginnings of new ones too. This is the ‘getting to know you‘ card, so it suggests that May is a time for strengthening bonds, leaning on good friends, and embarking on the beginning of new relationships. If you are single (or even if you’re not), the possibility of a new romance could be coming your way. This card is generally a positive omen, highlighting those first sparkly moments of getting acquainted with someone special or the enjoyment of rekindling a relationship that might have become neglected.

Take time to appreciate those around you this month – whether that concerns those you may have been taking for granted or those who are yet to become life-long-friends.

The 2 of Cups certainly makes sense for me this month, since I have established many new and exciting unions: some of which, I know will become long-term friends. I hope that Spring has been a month of new connections for you and that you have enjoyed this update. As always, if you have any thoughts about the stories here, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below. 

Due to my current work load, I have suspended all email readings in my shop but live appointments and mentoring, through Skype and Facetime, are still available.

Until next time, best wishes


If you’d like to book a reading or mentoring with Steve, visit his online store 

If you’d like to know more about Andrea Aste, check out his site

You can find out more about the UK Tarot Conference here

You can find out about Boheme Brewery on both their Twitter page or through Facebook




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