July Update


At the beginning of this month, it was extremely rainy over here in the UK and we all thought we might have had our chances of a good Summer snubbed. However, since I opened my mouth about this with a friend, the weather has been beautiful. I always seem to begin my newsletters with a weather update, but isn’t that what us English men do? – talk about the weather!

In many ways, the weather has been symbolic, since I have felt many fresh rays of light enter my working practice of late. Some of these are are yet to begin, but many of you will already be aware that my step into a second version of my Fragments of an Illusion Tarot has has already started.

Blog HPnewjpgI am guessing that the original Fragments must be around four or five years old now. It started as a simple digital-collage project, using imagery found online and in magazines. As an all-male deck, it became popular on my blog and since that time, I have received many emails, asking if and when it will be available for purchase. Although I did send two of the three existing copies to people as gifts, publishing has never become a possibility, due to the copyright of my source material.

I always said I might give the project a second go but it has only been in the last month that I have put my money where my mouth is. Speaking with a few of my internet friends online, I began to direct them as models for a new outing. This has consisted of mails and messages being sent back and forward between us, with me asking each to pose in specific ways.

Blog Lovers newThe results have been great. I’d never thought I could recreate something as beautiful or ethereal as some of the cards in my original deck, but I am actually surprised by how I like these more. Having models who I interact with on a regular basis, like, and respect has made the whole thing even more precious. Finding images which were right for the original was not an easy process and I would occasionally have to make sacrifices. However, with Fragments 2, I can direct the entire thing. As my alter-ego, the King of Wands, will tell you, this is a role I slip into well.

It is still early days for the second edition of my Fragments of an Illusion Tarot, but it is now on its way. I have new images to work with every week and it has been fun to step out at the weekend and look for backgrounds and other interesting things to collage into the set.


Deck of the Month

starIt’s probably no surprise that my Deck of the Month goes to Tarot Apokalysis by Erik C. Dunne.

The kit version of this deck has still not hit the UK yet. I understand that there are differences between it and the standard version I have – most notably the lack of borders, size, stock, and the accompanying book by Kim Huggens. While the details between the two sound great, I have really enjoyed the standard edition. I like the stock, the borders, and size, though I am eager to read Kim’s book eventually. The deck has reference to many gods and goddesses. While they are named in the LWB in this pack, there is no further information. I do enjoy to go on a hunt for knowledge rather than be spoon fed sometimes, but it will be nice to read why some of the details and mythological characters have been chosen.

I have used this deck for client readings straight out of the box. I find Erik’s Illuminati Tarot to be a clear reading deck, but in this second offering, the focus of each card is a little more visually concentrated than in his ornate and extremely symbolic first deck. The images and palette are truly beautiful and for me, this is most noticable in the courts. This deck houses one of my favourite selections of court cards and the Cups family are truly breathtaking.

Although I will invest in the kit when it comes out, don’t overlook this standard version, since it is a beautiful and effective reading deck. If you’d like to see my initial impressions, you can watch them here.


Card for Next Month

pageNext months card is the Page of Staffs from Tarot of a Moon Garden

In this card, we can see a bright and energetic soul. His staff (or wand) is larger than himself. He is yet to gain mastery over it but it doesn’t stop him from becoming excited about the prospect of doing so.

The butterfly in this image reminds us that, like fire, our steps can transform the way ahead. The path in front of us is not yet determined; it is waiting for us to put one foot onto it.

What will excite you next month? Is it a new project? Or maybe a new relationship? The Page of Staffs beckons you onto a path of adventure. He knows that you are likely to be both exited and scared about the prospect of beginning something new. This card advises you to invest your energy into something which inspires you. However, it reminds us that jumping in too quickly could be to our detriment. Fire can consume, as well as excite us.

The staff in this card could symbolise a new job or something you wish to learn. Become acquainted with whatever it is. We often want to run before we walk but this card reminds us that jobs, new relationships, and skills take time to master, regardless of how much enthusiasm we inject into them to begin with.


I hope that the sun continues to shine for all of us next month. Until we speak again, I’m sending you all the brightest of blessings!


If you have been inspired by or wish to comment on any of the subjects in this update, please feel free to comment below.

For in-person or party bookings, Skype and email readings, please either visit my site to purchase or contact me directly for further information at steven@tiferettarot.com

Images from Fragments of an Illusion Tarot by Steven Bright, Tarot Apocalypsis by Erik C. Dunne, and Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt.


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