What’s a remote reading?


“Though continents apart, Steven was able to provide me with an intimate reading that read no different from someone sitting across from me. His choice of spread and the subsequent card selection not only helped me identify challenges I am currently facing, but he also presented me with alternatives and strategies for growth” -Walter, Miami, FL


In my shop, I offer a handful of different tarot experiences – all of which could be described as a remote reading. If you’ve had a reading, then it’s likely you’ve heard the term before. But to clarify, what exactly is a remote reading?

Over the past few years, I have given many in-person readings. Whether this was through a shop I was reading from, at a booked party, or from a psychic-themed fair, someone would  pay to sit opposite me and I would read their cards.

Many people believe that an in-person reading is the most effective and authentic available. Of course, there is a lot to be gained and enjoyed from a private in-person sitting. It allows for my client to touch the cards, shuffle them, and for us to meet in the flesh. I do not read for many people from my home, but I have had clients here. It is great to begin the reading with a cup of tea and a brief chat. But in-person readings are not the only way of obtaining a reading. And the effectiveness and reliability of a reading is not dependent on whether you’re sitting in front of the person reading for you or can touch their cards.

In her book, Angel Therapy Handbook, Doreen Virtue says ‘Your client doesn’t have to be physically present with you during a reading’. Doreen states that many of her Angel Therapy practitioners regularly give professional readings via email, letters and over the telephone. She suggests that readers trust the impressions they receive during a session, because they are as real as any other form of reading.

If you think about it, when I join with someone in a reading, it is not a physical process. We are tapping into the unconscious. We are connecting with spirit, their hopes, and their fears. We are looking into a persons past, using my intuitive skills and reading experience. None of these things are physical.

60 crossThough I often read at events and peoples homes, my main bulk of readings are performed remotely. Not everybody has the time to meet with me for a reading and a remote reading (performed through Skype) means that appointments can be flexible. Skype allows everyone to receive a reading, regardless of their routine. Some of my regular clients have children and can not make it to an organised event; others have 9-5 jobs, meaning that it isn’t feasible to fit a live in-person reading into their schedule. While these clients are a large chunk of my clientele, it is my international sitters who form the largest percentage  Through Skype, I am able to teach and read for people all over the world. I have returning clients from the United States, Africa, Canada, China, and all over Europe. To this day, I have had great responses to these remote readings. Whether you are sitting beside me or we are speaking from opposite ends of the globe, the cards still have the ability to recognisably touch and move the people I am reading for.

blog crossBut not everybody wants the Skype experience. For those who prefer something a little different, I have a selection of email readings. An email reading allows a client to ask a question of the tarot and receive printed guidance in their inbox within the next 2-3 working days. All email readings come in a PDF with an attractive graphic of their cards and card-by-card interpretations. I have all kinds of traditional tarot readings in my shop, including the 3-Card Reading, the Wheel of the Year, and the well-known Celtic Cross (which I use for all in-person sessions). I have just added an inexpensive single card draw and an oracle reading option.

It is a pleasure to work in a profession I love. I enjoy to help people and it is extremely warming to know that my readings have provided guidance and insight. Remote reading allows me to work with an unlimited amount of people and they are as personal as any in-person session. For some, they enable both reader and sitter to cut through the physical obstacles and timing difficulties connected with physically meeting up.

If you would like to book a Skype Reading with me, there are two options within my shop – a 30 minute and 60 minute session. If you would prefer an email reading, there are options to suit everyones needs. If you have a question about any of this, please get in touch!

I hope to hear from you.






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