Review: Numerology Guidance Cards

Cards-Box-Top-Cover-213x300Some time ago, I saw this deck in a branch of Waterstones over here in the UK. My first impressions were torn. I liked the simplicity and punchiness of the titles, but was disappointed by the same symbol repeated on each and every card. I mean, why would you do that?

Regardless of my initial reservations, the deck must have made an impression because it stayed within my tarot and oracle memory bank. I really enjoyed the colourful cards within James Van Praagh’s ‘Soul Journey Lesson Cards’ (also published by Hay House) and these reminded me of those.

I didn’t set out to get these cards. Infact, nearly a year passed before I saw them again. A week or so ago, I discovered a small spiritual shop in Kent and drove over to take a look around. This deck was the first I noticed on the shelf and it reignited my intrigue all over again.

I enjoy to sit quietly and ask for guidance from my oracle cards in the morning, but sometimes, when I am using them as a medium between myself and the angelic guides, many angel card decks can be a bit … well, too fixated on angels. I wondered if this numerology set, with its brash titles and style, might be just what I needed to cut to the chase during a session and omit the distraction of kindly winged figures and lengthy affirmations.

Michelle Buchanan has worked as a numerologist for over twenty years. Having appeared on television and as a spiritual counsellor for a women’s magazine, she is now a speaker, teacher, and writer, presenting seminars and workshops all over the world. After receiving her own numerology reading, she began to work with both oracles and numbers, eventually deciding to combine her two loves and design this deck.

Numerology Guidance Cards are packaged in the same way as all Hay House decks. Their card stock is sturdy and the box they come in is bulletproof and snug. Anyone who has purchased from Hay House will be aware of their first class packaging and this is no exception. The deck comes with a 127 page booklet, which provides instructions for working with the cards, types of readings (plus samples), and meanings for both the numbers and colours used in the set. Each card is represented with a small grayscale image and around a page of text.

As with most Hay House decks, this set has 44 cards. However, they are not numbered from 1-44. Only significant numbers are included. Michelle says “Presented in non-consecutive order, from lowest (1) to highest (99), they are the 44 most effective number and colour combinations to help you find your way and reach your potential”.


The colours of the cards are symbolic, as well as being attractive. As an example, all of the 8’s (8, 48, 78, and 88) are in variations of pink and concern manifestation, abundance, leadership, and career. The 6’s (6, 16, 26, 46, 56, 66, 96) are all blue and regard love, healing, relationships, family, and home.


Each card has its own title. These have no more than two words. When combined with the colour and number, they stimulate our  imagination and intuition. Card 56 is Relationship Change. It describes a relationship that is going through a necessary period of transition. This needn’t be a romantic relationship, but could describe a colleague leaving work or a son or daughter leaving home for the first time. It suggests that a change in a relationship, whether positive or negative, is much needed for growth and asks for us to be adaptable. Michelle points out that these cards were not intended to be predictive (though you could certainly use them that way) but were designed to help us create the future we desire.

7sWhile it might initially seem as though all of the cards in the deck are the same, the palette is well thought out and deepens our understanding of each card through an understanding of its colour symbolism. For example, the Spiritual Partnership card (#27) has a violet background and an orange star. Orange relates to the number 2 (patience, intuition, partnership, and emotions) and violet (governed by the number 7) concerns personal growth, spirituality, health, study, and solitude. When brought together, these colours and numbers describe a partnership with a similarly-minded person, either personally or professionally. Similarly, the need for study and solitude (brought about by violet and the number 7) is depicted in Time Out (#37). However, the yellow star (relating to the number 3) regards creativity and self-expression. We can therefore see that this is a card of recharging through hobbies or activities which aid rest. Cool, yes?

6'sSome numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99) are considered master numbers. Like the single numbers, they are depicted in just one colour. As an example, card numbers 6 and 66 are all blue, signifying their connection to relationships and emotions. It is suggested that the master numbers have an even higher vibration.

The artist for this set is Jonathan Quintin, a multimedia artist and cosmologist who has spent over thirty years studying sacred geometry. The purpose of his art is to help us attune human consciousness to the harmony of universal order. All of the card fronts show the Mekaba star tetrahedron and the backs are graced with the ‘Flower of Life’. Both geometric symbols are designed to raise our vibration so that we can use these cards to receive clear and accurate guidance from our guides, angels, or higher self.

numerology-rgbWhat is nice about this set is that you can appreciate it on many levels. If you want, you can work with the titles and how the colours make you feel. Alternatively, you can dig deeper, building a relationship with the colours, their significant numbers, and their combinations. I believe that once you understand the meanings for the nine numbers and which colour governs each, you will intuitively respond to the cards naturally, gaining a deeper understanding of each cards title. For those who want to look further into numerology and this deck, Michelle has also written a guide,  published as part of the Hay House Basics series. Within it, you can put together a numerology chart, based on your birth date and name, but it also provides a little extra information about numbers than the deck manual for those who are a little hungrier for study.


This deck must be neither dismissed or considered intimidating. It is far more than a simple set of affirmations, but it is also set out clearly enough for anyone to find both interesting and insightful. It’s beauty is in its simplicity and I have found it to be a great tool for connecting to my higher self and guides.

Don’t be put off by the simple imagery. It certainly looks beautiful laid out on my reading table, but is deceivingly deeper than you might first think. If you are looking for something individual with a thought-out system that is user-friendly, I’d definitely recommend Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan.


Images from Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan, illustrated by Jonathan Quintin.



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