June Update

With Chloe

At the London Tarot Festival with deck creator, author, and friend, Chloe McCracken

June feels as though it has simply whipped by. I saw some adverts for Summer clothing on television yesterday, but in the UK, whether we need it or not is debatable. We’ve had many rainy days and while I was driving over the weekend, it was as though someone was literally chucking buckets of water onto the windscreen.

Despite the weather, June has been a good month. To begin with, I visited the second London Tarot Festival, organised by Kim Arnold. I’d been to the first one last year and had enjoyed it immensely. This years event took place amongst a beautiful nature reserve in North London, a stones-throw from the Emirates stadium. The sun actually graced the festival with its presence, meaning that some of the free workshops and talks could be held outside.

My friend and I journeyed there early on the Saturday morning. Taking a few wrong turns along the way, we nearly missed Kim’s talk. We managed to sneak in half-way through and received an accurate one-card reading from her.

The festival was set up in four areas. The free talks took place outside and there was two sections in place for sellers. As well as this, there was a private area for readers and a space was set aside for the paid talks. Geraldine Beskin gave an entertaining and interesting talk about the Major Arcana, connecting the cards to celebrity, which my friend and I both enjoyed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay around until the end, meaning we missed Chloe McCracken’s workshop, but we did join her for an excellent talk by Christine Astell.


Chrissie Astell

Christine Astell is the creator of the Angel Insight Pack (which was later re-published as the Guardian Angel Oracle). Chrissie is a great public speaker and it is apparent that she has both a great knowledge, passion and respect for her subject. It was interesting to hear how she began to work with angels and how her card set and book manifested. Once again, we all drew a card from the Guardian Angel Oracle and Chrissie read each for us. Her interpretations and connection to the cards were both spot-on and inspiring.

I’ve always enjoyed my copy of the Angel Insight Pack. While there are many angel decks I appreciate, I’ve always tuned in to the directness of Chrissie’s set, so meeting her in person and listening to her story was a great experience.


At the London Tarot Festival with author and event host, Kim Arnold (left) and Chloe McCracken

While at the festival, I had a chance to speak with Kim. She had messaged me beforehand and asked if we could have a chat. I am so flattered to tell you that she has asked me to be a speaker at the 2017 London Tarot Conference. At this time, that is all that has been confirmed, so I am not sure what I will be talking about just yet. I am both excited and quite nervous about the whole idea, but we have a year to prepare, since this years weekend event has not yet taken place.

I’d like to thank Kim and all of the people who made this years festival a great success. My friend and I really enjoyed the day. It was wonderful to see old friends and make some new ones.



Archangel Chamuel

As this month has passed  by, I have been dipping my toes into a variety of projects. As well as reading and mentoring, I’ve been throwing myself into the world of collage again. I intend to eventually put together an ‘angel’ workshop, where participants can tap into the energies of their own guardian angels through collage and creativity. This will consist of a short talk, a meditation, and time spent connecting with angels through their intuition and craft. I have taught many collage workshops within schools over the years but have yet to combine my work with angelic energies and art in my teaching. Over the last month, I have used the process to create four images of the archangels (see right).

As well as physically collaging by hand, I am also undertaking a reworking of my Fragments of an Illusion Tarot. So many people have asked if this would be available to buy over the years, but due to the source material used in the digital collages, it would most likely infringe copyright. Therefore, I have decided to find my own models and rework the set. This would lead to a personal project, since I intend to use people (mainly through my online connections) who I have some kind of interaction with. I’d initially opened up my model-search to anyone but on thinking about it more carefully, I thought that directing it to a smaller group would make for a more intimate project. I am starting with three models who have accepted. If you’d like to see more of the original deck, you can find a walk-through on my YouTube channel.


Deck of the Month

numThe deck of this Month has to be the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan, published by Hay House.

I have had my eye on this deck for some time. I was first attracted to it because of its simplicity. I love punchy titles on my cards and colour seems to have become a big consideration over recent times. While the fronts all show the same Merkabah Star, each has a relevant colour and number for interpretation.

I recently located a small spiritual shop in Kent and decided to drive there. Amongst many interesting card decks, the Numerology Guidance Cards screamed out to be bought and I am not disappointed. I have used them for my own daily guidance and have found them to be clear and on-point. They also mix very well with James Van Praagh’s ‘Soul Journey Lesson Cards’, John Holland’s ‘Spirit Messages Oracle’ and the Orbifold Tarot by Michael Bridge-Dixon.

I will soon post a full review of the deck here on my blog.


Card for Next Month

justThe card for next month comes from Chrissie Astell’s Angel Insight Pack (re-named Guardian Angel Oracle).

While this card comes from an oracle, it does have a tarot-leaning, since it has the same title as Waite’s 11th tarot trump. Under the guidance of Archangel Michael, this card concerns justice and fairness.

As we move into July, the nature of this card will begin to take effect. When Justice shows up in a reading, we often think of those things directed at us which we feel are unjust, but this card is suggesting that we practice what we preach. How fair are you being to others within a given situation or dispute?

For July, weigh up the opinions of others with your own. Try to remove your ego from situations, so that you can judge if you are treating those around you fairly or whether people are taking advantage of your kind nature.

Justice is a wonderful thing, but it works both ways.


With a few other things bubbling under the surface of my work, I look forward to July. I hope that these Summer months bring extra warmth and excitement to you as well.

As always, I’d like to thank everyone who reads and comments on my work. I really am grateful for the time it takes people to express interest in the things I write.

Brightest Blessings,


If you have been inspired by or wish to comment on any of the subjects in this update, please feel free to comment below.

For in-person or party bookings, Skype and email readings, please either visit my site to purchase or contact me directly for further information at steven@tiferettarot.com

Images from Angel Insight Pack by Chrissie Astell, published by Duncan Baird Publishers and Numerology Guidance Oracle Cards by Michelle Buchanan, published by Hay House.




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