May Update

open heartI often start these updates by mentioning the weather. I’m so sensitive to my surroundings: the weather can boost my energy, help me to reflect and travel within myself, or sometimes tip me over the edge and into a mood. Right now, it is bright and sunny in the UK and I feel grateful for it being so!

Gratitude is a good word for this month, since I have been touched by the kindness of others – mainly, by those who I’ve only known for a very short time. If you follow me on Instagram or we are friends on Facebook, you’ll know I’ve been the recipient of both some very cool packages and the generosity of others in the tarot community

At the beginning of the month, I received a large box of goodies from a new friend in Canada. I had traded some of my hand sewn tarot pouches with her and in return, she boxcrammed a large selection of decks and books into her parcel. I’d expected the chic Orbifold Tarot, the Renaissance Tarot (plus guidebook) and an angel oracle, but as well as that, she included the Sol Invictus Tarot, the Conscious Spirit Oracle, and a drawstring bag of crystals. Yes, it felt like Christmas all over again and I was grinning from ear to ear. I’d been eyeballing Michael Bridge-Dixon’s Orbifold for some time, since he and I had been chatting about elements and the courts, so his deck would have been wonderful to receive alone. I’d also spent many years considering the Renaissance Tarot by Brian Williams, a deck which I must say is even more beautiful in the hand.

As if this wasn’t enough, I was very lucky to receive an original painting from the Oceanic Tarot. I struck up conversation with the artist of the set, Jane Delaford-Taylor, after recently writing a review of the pack. Her artwork is fresh and inspiring to work with and I really enjoy using the Oceanic in my professional readings. With this in mind, you can imagine how touched and excited I was when she asked if she could gift me the decks Knight of Cups.


With Jane Delaford-Taylor’s beautiful Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups has been important to me throughout my tarot history. He was once my significator and is the card which needs to be ‘right’ in a deck if I am to use it. If he is blonde and sensitive, manly but boyish, dreamy and emotionally driven, you’ve depicted him in the way I see him. And this is exactly what Jane has done in this tarot deck. I received the painting in a roll with a note. In reality, you can see every brush stroke, every graduation in tone, and every single strand of light penetrating the water in which he swims with his two dolphins. The picture is now framed up (accompanying Archangel Jeremiel by Jason McCreedie) and I wake up to him every morning. This is truly a treasured possession, for which I am extremely thankful.


Scotney Castle

Over the last few months, you may have seen me laying my cards down in a multitude of different places. For our birthdays, my partner and I received annual tickets for the National Trust and we have been making good use of them. I’ve enjoyed reading the cards within many beautiful houses and gardens, including Scotty Castle, Belton House, Standen, Chartwell (the home of Winston Churchill), Bodiam Castle, Ightham Mote, Sissinghurst, and Bodiam Castle.

There is something truly magical about visiting these places and laying out the cards within these estates and medieval buildings. When undisturbed, I enjoy to ask the energy around me to help pull a card and describe something about the place where I am sat. In the upstairs room within the fairytale Scotney Castle, I received the 2 of Cups. Spirit informed me that friendship and love was built within its walls . This couldn’t be further from the truth, since I heard that one owner actually dismantled and reassembled some of the castle so that it resembled ruins, giving it a picturesque and romantic feel.

Gratitude is a wonderful thing. I am thankful for the beautiful tarots and the painting I received this month, as well as having these beautiful places to visit. But there are so many natural gifts we receive each day which we take for granted. For those of us who do not live in pain, do we appreciate this as a gift? For those of us who are reading this, are we grateful for the luxury of being able to see these words in the first place?

open heart

Our card for next month is Open Your Heart from Doreen Virtue’s Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards. If you think about it, we are never truly able to receive the beauty of the world around us if we cannot firstly open ourself up to it. For many of us, this is a scary prospect because we know that in order to open our heart to love, abundance, and gifts, we might also invite the possibility of failure, difficulty, and pain into our life as well. If we’ve been hurt before, the prospect of putting our head on the chopping board again is not one we wish to volunteer for readily.

For this next month, think about all of the things which a closed heart can cost you. A closed heart might not invite pain into your days, but how about the love you’re turning away? If you take a chance on something important, you could just fail. But what if you succeed?

When we are grateful for what we have right now, rather than jealous or envious or bitter about what we don’t have or that which others do, we open up our hearts, minds, and life to even greater abundance and fortune.


As always, I’d like to thank everyone who reads and comments on my work. I really am grateful for the time it takes people to express interest in the things I write.

Brightest Blessings,


If you have been inspired by or wish to comment on any of the subjects in this update, please feel free to comment below.

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Images from Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, published by Hay House


2 thoughts on “May Update

  1. Gratitude is a great attitude and way to approach life. I have been writing a gratitude journal daily all year, and finding it such a beautiful practice. There is always something to be thankful for, and I agree it seems the more I express that, the more I find to delight in. I love your tarot road trips – beautiful and thought-provoking 🙂


    • Gratitude’s the Attitude. I like that Chloe.

      I really enjoy tarot-travelling-companions and they really reflect the places we are at when I read with them there. They take away something of the spirit of all the destinations and I love that. Since I have been bonding with the Soul Cards so well lately, I will probably favour them for my next road-trip buddy!


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