Weekly Tarot Thoughts: 9th – 15th May, 2016

As predicted (not by me, but by the forecasters), the weather upped it’s game this week so I felt inspired to do this weeks Tarot Thoughts reading at Scotney Castle in Kent. Amongst acres of countryside, a romantic ruined castle sits within a garden of flowers and is overlooked by a large National Trust house.

While I have received a good few decks in the last month, Crystal Visions Tarot has become a staple, even replacing my Rider Waite, which I was previously using for every professional reading. I’ve been working with it every day.

Reading outside has its difficulties, as you’ll see from this weeks video. People walking past, low-flying aeroplanes, and the wind all conspired against me this week, but I believe that the benefits definitely outweighed the problems. I love reading outside, especially amongst such beautiful scenery as this.




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