April Update

Blog imageI won’t lie, I’m tired today.

This happens when you’re self employed. Even if I don’t have back-to-back tarot sessions every day, I can be worn out by my mind, thinking about those things I have to do and those things I still want to do.

For all of those waiting patiently for my Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot, rest assured that it is in hand. I want to bring the deck to you in the best way I can and trying to do this does take time. There are elements of this process where I must be patient too, but I’m hoping to bring more news about its availability soon, so thanks to all of you who are hanging in there.

Blog Ex1As well as working on Shadows, I have been tinkering with another project, which I’m calling Spirit Signs. As a collaboration with my partner, Darren Burt, it will be an oracle deck based around his photography. The pictures are based on the world around us. Each acts as a download from Spirit, providing messages for us every time we draw a card.

It is a wonderful experience to work on this project together, travelling around the country and creating these cards from the nature and places we visit. I hope to bring more news of this project in further updates. My partners photographs are both uplifting and inspiring, so I look forward to eventually using this set  for readings myself!

Blog Ex2For our birthdays, we both received subscription to the National Trust. Our most recent visit was to Belton House. It was actually part of a weekend trip, where we met up with two of my tarot buddies (and their significant others). Emily Ellershaw (below right) is the co-author and co-creator of The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards and Colleen Setchell (below left) is the founder of her own spiritually-based business, Authentic Pathways.

The six of us met in Nottingham. On a beautiful sunny Saturday, we had lunch by the canal and chatted about tarot and oracles. Even though we’ve only met in person once before, onlookers would never have guessed: the conversation flowed with the ease of old friends and there were lots of laughs.

IMG_8873Emily brought the Victoria Frances Oracle and the Wild Unknown Tarot for us to look through and I shared my Spirit Within the Shadows set. There wasn’t any local spiritual shops that we could find, so we popped into Waterstone’s, where I found the Oceanic Tarot – a tarot deck I’m really enjoying and which I reviewed here earlier this week. I was very fortunate to receive a beautiful Willow Tree angel from Emily and her husband, which now stands proudly on my reading table.

I noticed some small blue flowers outside of my window this morning. April has been a little like this. Opportunity and bursts of potential are around us all, even if we don’t notice them straight away. They are there nonetheless.

The card for next month is from my new Oceanic Tarot.

8wandsThe 8 of Wands is a card of movement and travel. May promises to be a time of fresh growth and things speeding up, so you’d better hold on to your hats!

If you are waiting on news, a delivery, or for someone to give you the go ahead with something, next month will bring results. I always think of these eight wands as being like arrows, zooming through the sky: they have a destination and they are headed right for it. If you’re planning to travel or have been putting things off, then May will provide ample opportunities. Don’t hang around. Make the most of them!

As always, I’d like to thank everyone who reads and comments on my work. It is always so warming to connect with each and every one of you and I appreciate the time it takes for people to express interest in the things I write.

Brightest Blessings,


If you have been inspired by or wish to comment on any of the subjects in this update, please feel free to comment below.

For in-person or party bookings, Skype and email readings, please either visit my site to purchase or contact me directly for further information at steven@tiferettarot.com

Images from Spirit Signs Oracle by Steven Bright and Darren Burt

Image of the 8 of Wands from Oceanic Tarot by Jayne Wallace (illustrated by Jane Delaford-Taylor)


7 thoughts on “April Update

  1. And don’t forget those birds, we want Daz’s bird pictures. If he could throw in some lizards I’d be over the moon. A good reptile is always appreciated in a card deck.

    I know you’ve been on the computer a lot re-jigging the colour for the Spirit Within the Shadows deck for printing, and I find that can be the most tiring. If your eyes are tired, it seems to make it difficult to do anything.


  2. So, regarding Shadows,what you are telling me is to be patient? Mmmmm. I know it will be worth the wait! Spirit Signs looks intriguing and gorgeous, also. What an awesome gift you both have!!!!!


    • Yes, for the moment. I’m really am hoping that it will be worth the wait too! 😀

      Spirit Signs is a slow grower too as we are still making it.

      Thank you so much for your kind words!


  3. Any update on the status of the Shadows deck? Know you are working on new and amazing projects but please don’t give up on this one. It is my very favorite. Also, is there someplace on your site where I can see the cards that don’t yet have meanings? I thought there use to be someplace to see them but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

    Thank you for all your posts, videos and gorgeous decks. You are amazingly gifted!


    • I don’t have all of the cards or meanings up here at the moment while things are being worked on. But there will be more from Shadows at some point, so don’t worry 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words, Star!


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