Tarot, Angels, Me & Thee


Angel ArticleIt is quite natural and expected for someones working practice to have evolved over the years. Though there have been apparent changes within my own, some aspects have stayed exactly the same. I sometimes wonder what those who have been with me since the beginning think of the evolution of my work and I thought that now would be a good time to explain Tiferet Tarot to both them and those who are finding me for the first time.

I bought my first tarot deck in 1998. Tarot seemed to be going through a revival of sorts back then. There was some interesting sets about, though nothing like the volume we see today. As is well documented, I started with a simple set and then readily moved on to my first real pack, The Rohrig Tarot, which I used exclusively for a good few years. As with many enthusiasts, I found my way towards a world of different tarot titles and like-minded readers when I first became hooked up to the internet. My collection has grown and I currently have hundreds in my tarot cupboard.

Despite the choice available, my preferred deck for client readings is the Original Rider Waite. It has an artistic handwriting I can read under pressure. While I own many exquisite and beautiful tarots, some cards are not so easy to tell apart in a large spread. When you have a time allowance and an eager pair of ears in front of you, you don’t want to be turning cards around to see what they are; or worse, misread them.

As with many readers, I was once intimidated by reading ‘live’. I’d occasionally have a go at getogethers or for friends, but it took many years before I felt comfortable enough to lay out a spread for either a stranger or for money. In the last ten years, I have worked as a reader through a physical shop in Kent, as well as at public fairs, house parties, and have performed hundreds of in-person bookings. These days, the majority of my appointments are online, where I read for people through Skype. I work from home and have had the pleasure of reading for people from all over the world. Working internationally in this way is something I enjoy immensely and I’ve had many wonderful sessions and am grateful for much praise. When requesting a live session, people have the option of booking a thirty minute reading or one hour of my time. I always work with the Celtic Cross layout, which can easily fill an hour, depending on the depth and nature of the clients question.

People have always warmed to the practicality of my reading style and I believe this is why a lot of them return. Most often, clients will see me when they are at a crossroads and have a decision to make. While I never tell people what to do, I help them to make decisions based on the messages which the cards present and the intuitive nudges I receive. My readings will always be sensitive and empowering, but they will never shy away from the truth or difficulties in someone’s predicament. With this in mind, it has probably been shocking for some to hear me speak about angels and my work with them so openly.

What are angels? Are they they the strapping winged Adonises you’ll find in books or the singing cherubs of Renaissance art? I can only tell you what they are for me – they are simply energy. And we all tune into energy, right?

You probably recognise that we are all sensitive to our surroundings or can receive intuitive information from seemingly nowhere, yes? Whether it is the brainwave, the inner voice, the hunch or the gut feeling, this guidance comes from what I call ‘angels’ and I check in with that connection before, during, and after each reading.

The pictures on well-known Angel Cards and in sculptures are simply objects of reference, in the same way that the 3 of Swords in tarot connects us to heartbreak and The Empress is a symbol of abundance. When I use the names of the Archangels, I’m tuning into energy we all understand. There is so much good in the world, created by the compassionate and selfless deeds performed by all of us, and it is available to tap into and use for inspiration. When I call on a protective energy before a tarot reading or before doing something which I might be apprehensive about, I simply address that energy as Michael.

I have found working with these energies to be comforting and empowering. In some cases, they have helped me or a client move forward or feel more greatly supported. In my personal life, I recently asked Archangel Raphael for assistance with a problem I was having. I was extremely shocked when a male voice spoke directly into my left ear and said slowly “Don’t worry about this … everything will be alright”. If I’d been sitting on a chair, I can tell you that I’d probably have fallen off of it!

There are thousands of practitioners out there working with angels and Angel Cards. It’s easy to squeeze them all into the same pigeon hole – one which many probably believe is edged in sentimentality, love and light. Angel Cards are often deemed unbalanced because of their positive slant on life but the reading you receive is dependent on who is reading them. As much as I will use the Death card from tarot in the most proactive and enabling way that I can (without sweeping its core meaning under the carpet), I will allow the Angel Cards to point out where you might be going wrong and may well need some assistance. The nature of my work is to help you see more clearly, confront your garbage, and move forward with insight. The angels always encourages this. Their energy seeks to open our eyes. It doesn’t close them to those things we’d prefer not to see.

Some of my long-term clients were sceptical about receiving an angel reading but were very surprised by how the cards and advice pinpointed what they were going through at the time. One lady said she’d have likely raised her eyebrows at an angel reading if she’d not experienced one for herself.

Most of my own Angel readings are through email and they have brought comfort and wise counsel to many. This is not to say that I don’t check in with this energy when I read my warts-and-all Celtic Cross too. I call on the angels and use what I’ve learned from Kabbalah in every reading I perform.

As a tarot mentor, I encourage people to let the cards and their interests shape their path. After all, reading is a very personal thing. But our spiritual path will take twists and turns and we’ll find new sources of wisdom and inspiration along the way.

Tarot and oracle cards help us to link to the worlds around us, both spiritually and physically. Whether you call this energy Angels, God, the Goddess, the Universe, or Gaia, we all carve out our path to the source in our own way. What you have just read is an account of mine.



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