February Update

IMG_0292What a month February has been!

As many of you already know, I was without internet connection for two weeks of the month.

While reading for a client in the U.S., my Skype call failed half-way through. I then realised that the phone line was also dead. I scrambled for my iPhone and emailed the young lady I’d been reading for, asking if we could finish our session on FaceTime. Thankfully, we did.

I’d heard that a lot of British Telecom lines had gone down that day, but as we reached the next morning, there was still no pulse. I called the BT helpline and after performing a few tests, they suggested an engineer be sent out (potentially for £120 if we were at fault). However, he could not be with us for six days. This felt like an eternity, so I set to contacting my clients and asking if we could put a hold on our appointments. Everyone was extremely understanding, which I am grateful for.

I used the data on my phone to act as a hotspot so I could upload my daily videos, but it ran down extremely quickly. Not knowing what else to do, I decided to take the weekend off and go to the seaside. Funnily enough, as we sat in traffic on our way, my attention was drawn to a massive poster of a digger and I couldn’t understand why. I looked at it for a few long minutes. When the two engineers visited us on the following Monday and neither could fix the problem, it was suggested that we would need ‘a dig’ and I quickly remembered the message from the poster.

Our front garden and road outside the property were eventually dug up during the next week and on Saturday, a new line was put in.

It would have been easy to let the situation control me but I learned some significant things throughout.

People were very understanding during the process; whether that was friends letting me piggyback on their internet connection, clients being flexible with their readings and mentoring sessions, or the much support I received on social media.

But most importantly, their were some wonderful nuggets of wisdom involved in this test. Firstly, it is important to appreciate the simple things in life. Not only the walks along the beach, but the online connection to others which many of us take for granted.

However, most significantly, it reminded me of this time last year. My mother was in hospital then, after having two strokes. It was a very worrying time. A loss of internet connection, however frustrating, was a storm in a teacup in comparison to that time of fear and instability.


IMG_5943Although I have been without connection for half of this month, I have managed to add a few new things to my shop – my sewn tarot pouches are back, for starters. Each individual pouch is padded to protect your deck, has a magnetic closure, and an extra pocket at the front for a small manual, notes, or business cards. They are all lined, have a wristlet, some beads for decoration, and comfortably fit standard size tarots and Hay House size sets. They were popular when they were on sale before, so I thought it was time for them to make a reappearance. There are a limited amount on my site but I will make more if these prove successful.

As well as the tarot pouches, I have also added a new reading. The Archangels Cross is a 6-card reading I devised for professional sittings and it uses two decks. It has proved popular with in-person clients and students, so it seemed natural to bring it to my store but also to my weekly Tarot Thoughts videos on YouTube.


Untitled-1The card for this months reflection is the King of Wands from The Quantum Tarot.

Many of us think of the King of Wands as being a leader, which he is. We also think of him as having everything he needs, which he does.

But there are sometimes when we can lead with less. Inspiring others is not always about what we can do with what we have, it’s about what we can do when we haven’t got a lot.

Leadership is about intent and an inner strength. It’s not about money and status. Many of the worlds greatest leaders in history owned no more than the clothes on their back. People followed them because they had an ability to navigate through the bad times, not coast through the good ones.

Think about your leadership qualities and strengths this month. It is usually the difficult times that provide us with the opportunity to be the best we can be!


Thanks to everyone for the support during February.

Brightest blessings,


If you have been inspired by or wish to comment on any of the subjects in this update, please feel free to comment below.

For in-person or party bookings, Skype and email readings, please either visit my site to purchase or contact me directly for further information at steven@tiferettarot.com

Image from The Quantum Tarot by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler


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