Weekly Thoughts: 1st – 7th February, 2016


You will notice that there are two very powerful cards in the three-card spread this week – Moving Forward Fearlessly and Focus. Both of these cards show determination, strength, and a use of our will. If you were worried about getting through the coming week or overcoming obstacles, then surely these would be the cards you’d look for, yes?

It has to be said that these are a couple of kick-ass cards, but what of the first one, Listening?

Often, we feel our power and we run with it. We set our sights on something and throw our self in its direction, fearlessly.

While action can garner results, the real message behind this week’s reading is to listen.

Think about it for a second.

You may have a goal you’re aiming for. Can you imagine riding off into the sunset on your quest without obtaining the map and directions first?

Think about those times when you’re unwell. While your doctor might be extremely competent, she needs to listen to her patient and find out the symptoms before offering a diagnosis.

Often, we think we know best and needn’t listen to others.

Keep your ears open this week. There is no question that you have the drive or gift of the gab, but sometimes, those qualities are wasted when not preceded with important information, details, or instructions.

What might you learn this week if you listen rather than talk? The angels are suggesting that you will likely hear something to your benefit!

Many blessings for your week,


Illustrations from Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Fairies, both by Doreen Virtue



3 thoughts on “Weekly Thoughts: 1st – 7th February, 2016

  1. The listening thing comes up for me continually. I have a relative who finishes all my sentences and I’m constantly correcting because she doesn’t say what I was going to say. It gets frustrating.

    Listening to people means forgetting about leaping in with what you are anxious to say and simply listening to them without thought of jumping in with a reply. Look them in the eye and listen, focus on them, forget about yourself and what you want to say–a hard lesson for many of us.


    • Gosh, I used to know a woman like that. As anyone spoke, she would be mouthing the words she expected to come next. It drove me mad! I used to change course half way through, just to throw her off!

      I remember her jumping in and saying ‘A worse thing happened to me! …’, to which I replied ‘How would you know, I haven’t even finished telling you yet’.

      You’re right. There is a pleasure in listening that many miss because they are so eager to take over the hold of the communicative baton and speak about them self! Thankfully, I don’t have any of those kinds of people in my small social group anymore.


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