Messages from Archangel Gabriel

gabriel blogArchangel Gabriel is known by many as a messenger. In fact, all angels are messengers from above, but Gabriel is considered the chief messenger of all archangels.  This probably has much to do with what people know from the canonical bible, since Gabriel is the only angel to speak there. It was Archangel Gabriel who informed Elizabeth (in the Book of Luke) and, most famously, Mary of their pregnancies.

I have been working with Gabriel in my meditative work and affirmations lately and she (angels have no fixed gender) has appeared in my dreams too. With the recent release of the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, I decided I would bring the wisdom and messages of Archangel Gabriel to my Tiferet Tarot shop.

As many know, I do enjoy to use combinations of cards in my readings. This new offering, Messages from Archangel Gabriel, uses three from Gabriels oracle and three from the Archangel Power Tarot. While I do read the oracle cards, they provide anchors for the second trio to sit upon and influence how the the three tarot cards are read.

I thought I’d bring an example to the blog, for anyone considering this option from the email readings I offer.

gabriel blog

This is only an example, but while I shuffled and meditated beforehand, I was guided towards reading about work and career. Intuitively, I would not be surprised if these cards resonate with someone who comes to read this.

This reading provides three snippets of information (or messages) regarding a career. In the first duo, we find ‘Let Go’ (Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards) and ’10 of Raphael’ (Archangel Power Tarot).

The 10 of Raphael is a card of contentment. It suggests happiness after difficult times or effort. The couple laying in the park, complete with rainbow and children, are satisfied and emotionally content. This is a place we’d all like to be, yes?

You might wonder what ‘Let Go’ has to do with this. It is not suggesting that we let go of our dream of satisfaction, as you might think. In actual fact, it hints at the exact opposite. This card is asking us to stop worrying about whether we will eventually be happy and give our concerns up to the angels. Once we release these wasted worries, we will be able to focus on the here and now. The angels are reminding us that the universe has our wishes in hand. Time with loved ones and emotional security will follow. The angels (and Gabriel in particular) have our back; as do our family and friends, who will be willing to support us through any career transition.

So, where do we want to be? The second grouping is an interesting combination; not least of all because Gabriel is featured in both oracle and tarot card. These cards bring a dream of career contentment into the present time.

A vision board is a physical representation of those things we want – it most often takes form of a sheet of paper or card, consisting of stuck down words and images. Of course, it is not compulsory that we all make one of these, but the cards do suggest that a greater idea of what we are aiming for will garner more focused results. For one person, the Vision Board card could represent the rejigging of their CV, highlighting aims and goals in a specific section. It might suggest creating an online portfolio to help us become noticed or keeping a file of inspirational material on social media, so we can remain inspired and attractive to potential working contacts. The 8 of Gabriel is advising that this kind of preparation will move things along guickly and help us get closer to our desired career destination.

The last piece of information concerns blockages. Archangel Gabriel is aware that certain things have been preventing us from moving forward and suggests that these obstacles will soon be removed.

Intuitively, I feel that past issues have been holding back the person being read for. Previous experiences may have caused present problems, which have strengthened fears around our career future.

In this position (Blocks Lifted), the 6 of Raphael suggests that previous barriers will soon be eliminated in some way and that we will receive the opportunity of things we might have previously thought impossible.

This is only an example of how the cards work together and is not a ‘sample’ of an actual reading from my site. My email readings come as a PDF, are sectioned out into equal paragraphs for each duo and include a conclusion. They also come complete with an attractive (and personalised) JPEG graphic of the cards in their spread, for you to meditate with or refer to.

Archangel Gabriel is an expert communicator and this punchy and sharp reading is designed to provide straight-talking pieces of advice, sent to your inbox within 2-3 working days. I have had some great responses to the other angelic readings in my shop and hope that this one becomes just as popular!


If you would like to check out this or other reading options with me, please head over to my site.

Illustrations from Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue) and Archangel Power Tarot (Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine).



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