Weekly Thoughts: 18th – 23rd January 2016

power sexuality

Sexuality is individual to every person. It’s just one aspect of who we are.

We are all different. Some of us wear our sexuality on our sleeve. Others keep it hidden away inside, which I guess it is not surprising, since I have recently read many sad things about people being harmed or alienated for sharing who they are. This in itself is a strong reminder for those of us who are free to express our sexuality, for acceptance is something others around the world (or even close by) can only dream of.

Sexuality is powerful. Many people express it in their art, many fight for it, and then there are others who fight to suppress it.

How is your sexuality relevant for you this week? What power does it hold? Are you fighting to show a part of your self that has been hidden away or are you fighting to keep it private?

Sex can be a beautiful and fulfilling experience, whether shared with others or within self-exploration. As we move through this week, remember that it’s power runs deep within each of us. We must never use it to control or manipulate anyone else. Any nobody should be allowed to try to influence or abuse this beautiful gift we have been given either.

Many blessings,




Illustrations from Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Fairies, both by Doreen Virtue


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