updatedYou may remember that I purchased and reviewed this deck last year. While I had been very happy with the content of the deck, I’d been disappointed by the quality. Some of the cards had become stuck together and were ruined when carefully prized apart. However, I was very satisfied with my interaction with Hay House, who’d been extremely understanding. Because it had been a problem with more than just my copy, they unfortunately couldn’t provide me with a replacement and suggested requesting a refund from the place I’d bought it. At the time, I’d not wanted to give up my set (even though damaged), and looking back, I am glad I didn’t!

The Angel Prayers Oracle, by Kyle Gray, has become a staple for me and has been used in many of the readings I’ve performed since that time. The Archangels, in particular, have become fond physical objects of reference. Though I have developed my own understanding of them over time, it is often these images (by Jason McCreadie) I see in my mind when I call upon an angel or meditate now.

UqolxMvLAfter I reviewed the set, Kyle contacted me to say thank you. He said that Hay House would be re-releasing the set in the new year and that it would contain updated images. The new oracle cards are not yet in the shops, but I was very touched to receive a set over the weekend, sent personally from Kyle.

So, what do I mean when I say that Angel Prayers has been updated?

There are no new cards in this release. The pack stands as before, with 44 cards (16 of these are the Archangels). However, a selection of the images have been altered. In some cases, the changes are extremely minor – a slight alteration in face-shape, mouth, or hair-colour. Some have more definition added to their features and there are others which show entirely new figures.  Not all of the cards have been re-jigged though. One of these is Archangel Jeremiel, who is a favourite of mine. From the deck of 44 illustrations, 17 appear to have been updated.

When this updated pack does hit the shops, it might not be so easy to detect the new copies from the front of the box, since the lift-off cover is the same as the original. But if you check the back, you’ll see the new version of Archangel Ariel (without her headscarf), and Archangel Metatron. The remainder of the packaging is identical but these two details will help you tell the difference.

Spiritual Abundance

honour your feelings

Do the changes make a big difference to the Angel Prayers Oracle? What is nice about the changes is that they are subtle enough to not bother anyone who has been using the original printing for some time. But in some cases, small alterations (like the change of lips for the characters in Spiritual Abundance and Trust Your Vibes) do warm the cards up a little. A couple of the Archangels now feel more inviting than those in the original pack; Archangel Haniel and Archangel Chamuel are two examples of where the changes have given the angel a softer and more approachable aura.

Some changes are more defined than others. One which particularly pleased me is the addition of the colour green to Archangel Raphael. Green is the colour that many associate with Raphael and healing. There is an intensity to the update of this card that I am really happy with. His eyes are hypnotic and I am connecting to this version more readily than the original. He has become a favourite of mine in this deck.


Some cards have been dramatically altered, but this does not interrupt with the flow of the illustrations. In fact, it actually aids it. One example of this is in The Inner Voice. While I never had a problem with the lady in the first illustration, this new one fits in better and doesn’t overpower the updated card.

inner voice

Archangel Gabriel has been changed too. This is a card which I think benefits from being readjusted, since she now sits more comfortably with the other fifteen archangels. I also appreciate the update of Archangel Ariel. She is one I feel a greater pull to now, since being redrawn. Of course, if you have both packs, you can make a hybrid, using your preferred choices from each.


The Angel Prayers Oracle is one of a kind. There isn’t anything out there which has the same vibe as this. While this updated version has not altered that, it has been enhanced and you will feel this heightened energy when you use the pack. After reviewing Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s updated Archangel Power Tarot here, I cannot praise Hay House enough for their customer care and ability to listen to the people who buy their products. I’d also like to thank Kyle Gray for his kindness and generosity.

I was happy to recommend the original Angel Prayers last year and I am more than pleased to recommend this updated set too!




Images from Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason McCreadie



  1. I’m glad you all like the changes I made to the cards. The initial brief for the Archangels had some looking like certain famous stars, as thats how kyle percieved them. We realised that was distracting and set about making small changes to make sure they where all unique and original. I’m happy to hear the new deck has an enhanced energy. It was a lot of work.

    Im currently working on a reiki angel deck and I’m open to any freelance projects if anyone needs anything arty doing. Thanks for the kind review Steve.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very much so, Jason. I liked them before, but as I say, I have found that the energy around the deck has elevated that bit more. I found a deeper and sharper connection with both Ariel and Raphael, especially.

      I can imagine how much work went into this project. As you know, I have Jeremiel over my bed now. I really adore that print.

      The reiki angel deck sounds interesting, Jason. I look forward to hearing more about that and feature it here when it’s out and available.

      You’re very welcome, re the review. Thanks very much for commenting. It’s been a pleasure to work with your art. It’s definitely one of a kind!


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