Weekly Thoughts: 11th – 17th January, 2016

Manifesting FearlesslyMiracles occur not only when life affects us, but more often, when we have a hand in our life.

It is interesting to see Manifestation turn up for the second week in a row. It suggests that there is a shift occurring  for all of us.

The New Year has presented a fresh start. It’s a time when we can decide to begin things and put new ideas into action. We might begin a diet, a project, look for a different job, or decide to leave something which no longer satisfies us behind.

Because of the New Year, we are all being given a greater opportunity to ground our thoughts and inspiration in the real world. We can all feel this energy on the first day of the year, but the difference between you and the next person, is whether you decide to do anything about it. A dream is no more than a dream, if we don’t choose to manifest it.

As we move into this week, you are being advised to take a step forward. This step will be the difference between wishful thinking and reality. The Universe knows it will not be an easy first step to make, but suggests you try to move forward with as much confidences, self-belief, and gusto as you can whip up.

Your first step needn’t be a great leap. It could be a small one. However, it is surprising how much ground we can cover if we take just one baby step a day.

What do you wish to manifest? What dream will you make a reality? Begin to walk with confidence this week. Once you’ve put your first foot forward, you’ll be ready for the next.





Illustrations from Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Fairies, both by Doreen Virtue


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