Weekly Thoughts – 28th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016

Signs of BeautyOur days are made up of signs. Some, we see. And others, we miss.

Signs can answer our questions if we let them and can be found in many different places.

Have you ever turned on the radio, only to realise that the first song you heard provided the answer to something on your mind through its title or lyrics? Have you ever deliberated over two different options, when something or someone popped up during your day and surprisingly pointed you in the right direction? You probably labelled  it as a coincidence. But was it?

What is your beauty? What is your one unique quality?

Of course, beauty exists both inside and out. Your beauty might be partly-physical, whether you realise it or not. Not everyone believes in their own physical attractiveness. Or it might be your humour, care, or imagination that is beautiful.

This week, notice the signs around you. Notice the compliments you are given and recognise your accomplishments and the positive acknowledgement of your attributes from those around you.

Keep your ears and eyes open. As this week matures, your environment will bring many signs to your door, highlighting your true beauty. This could present a much-needed confidence boost, but it will also provide insight into skills and talents which you may have not yet realised.

Blessings and Beauty,




Illustrations from Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Fairies, both by Doreen Virtue.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Thoughts – 28th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016

  1. Hi
    Picking up on those signs is always fun. I do think Spirit or whatever you want to call it, has a great sense of humour.
    All last week it was elephants. Someone gave me elephant jewelry, then another gave me an elephant scarf, then before going to sleep one night I had a shadowy vision of an elephant. The last sign of the elephant was when a visiting relative pulled out a big elephant knick-knack from behind an easy chair in our living room and lifted it high up to show everyone. The house is an ancestral house crammed with stuff and I had no idea that elephant was there at all!
    The reason why all this was so noteworthy and even odd is that I never ever pay any mind to elephants at all nor was I ever particularly interested in them……
    I suggest when an animal keeps popping up it could be beneficial to look up the totem associated with that animal- it is very telling- and could be speaking to the heart of the matter that one needs to hear. That was indeed the case with the elephant. As soon as I found it’s message, the elephants stopped visiting. 🙂


  2. P.S. These signs surrounding us do give a more integrated meaning to our place in the world. Maybe that is what they are ultimately for.


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