Thanksgiving Reading

I was recently asked to create a spread for the Thanksgiving edition of Christiana Gaudet’s newsletter. You can find my article about the origin of the spread and how you can use it yourself here.

While putting it together, I wanted to see how successfully it would work, so decided to find out who I can be thankful for right now. This 8-card spread alerts us to specific people who we can be thankful for and shows us how we can give back to the universe in gratitude.

So, first things first: a little scan over the spread indicates a predominance of the element of Fire (including The Sun). My example is ruled by a youthful and vibrant energy (Page of Wands, 6 of Cups) and upright cards dominate.


Card 1: Who?

Page of Wands

The Page of Wands holds his baton with wonder. It is bigger than he is and captivates his imagination. While he is yet to understand how best to use it, he is eager to jump in and try straight away.

This card describes someone with an unhindered enthusiasm, who is open to new experiences and enjoys diving into them without too much consideration.


Cards 2, 3, 4: How?

8 of Wands, 6 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles (reversed)

The 8 of Wands is a fast-moving and energetic card. This person could be described as a whirlwind, arriving and turning my world upside down. Sometimes, it might be hard to keep up with them, since they move between things quickly.

The 6 of Cups shows two children in a garden; one gifts a chalice of flowers to another. The person indicated could well be from the past or be a child, since this card is often associated with nostalgia, childhood, and children. I get a warm feeling when I look at this card. As with all of the cards in this spread, it depicts a positive energy around this person, based on love.

The 4 of Pentacles (reversed) allows us to go with the flow. The person suggested in this spread helps me to relax and de-stress. It says that I am happy to share with this person, since they share effortlessly with me.


Cards 5, 6, 7: Why?

The Sun, The Hermit (reversed), The Empress

The Sun is a warm and vibrant card. As well as, once again, presenting a nod to youth (the child on the horse), this person reignites my innocence and honesty.There is an openness in this relationship, where nothing is hidden.

It’s interesting to see The Hermit in a reversed position, since it echoes the message in the reversed 4 of Pentacles. The person described by these cards encourages me to think less about  myself and to be more sociable.

The Empress brings abundance; all of the good things in life are seated around her and are there to be taken advantage of and tapped into. She is also a nurturer and lover of nature. Her desire to take care of the world around her and enjoy its fruits is another reason why I should be thankful for the person indicated in the reading.


Card 8: What?

Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is pure fire. It represents drive, excitement, inspiration, and energy. It suggests that I match the enthusiasm I receive from this person and guides me to bring it to new relationships. I am advised to be playful and enthusiastic about the world around me.


In conclusion

It took me a good few minutes to work out who this spread was reminding me to be thankful for. I expected it to be a parent or friend, but I couldn’t fit any of them into the guise of the Page of Wands easily. And then it all made sense.

This reading is reminding me of a relative who is not yet 2 years old. My cousin and his wife have been a great support to my family and their little girl was a tonic for my mother while she recovered from two strokes at the beginning of this year.

This toddler is a bundle of energy. In fact, she just doesn’t sit still and I don’t think I have ever met a child so enthusiastic and energetic about every single thing that falls in her path. She’s like a lightning bolt and is nearly always smiling.

I have never desired children of my own. Of course, I love all of my friend’s kids but this little girl has made quite an impression on me over the last year. She brings me out of myself and I enjoy sharing with her unconditionally.

I am very thankful for her being in my life. She does bring out the nurturing side within me but also, with so much time invested in my work, she has tapped into a playful energy that I had almost forgotten existed.






Images from Radiant Rider Waite, re-coloured by Virginijus Poshkus


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Reading

  1. I love your Thanksgiving Spread–even more I love your personal reading about your cousin’s toddler. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family. Sally


    • Thanks Sally! She is adorable and has an uplifting energy. I used her in one of my previous posts (Baby’s First Tarot) for the photos and she was so excited that the good old Rider Waite nearly didn’t make it!

      Thanks for dropping by and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  2. I don’t have children either but that little girl’s smile is wonderful, no wonder she is delightful to visit with.

    Interesting spread with mixing up the 4 sections of tarot, I’ve never tried that.

    No Thanksgiving here in Canada, but there are always things to be thankful for I find.


    • She has a lovely energy about her. She’s got the spirit of the Wands suit about her.

      I was unsure of how I would create the spread at first but it has been fun to break the rules and use my decks in new and interesting ways. If you want the right answers, you’ve got to ask the right cards 🙂

      I am thankful for many things too. It’s always good to remind myself of them.


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