Review: Creole Lenormand

Scan 56I have dabbled with the Lenormand for many years. In recent times, I have used it within my daily videos, since Lenormand cards have a great way of pulling out relevant information and delivering it in a blunt, punchy, and eerily accurate way. While people enjoy the delicate whisper of tarot and the warm embrace of an angel card reading, the Lenormand tells it like it is.

As many will know, I am aware of which kind of decks work for me, so when looking through the Lenormands of Alexandre Musruck, I was drawn to the cards which spoke most clearly to me. Because a Lenormand reading often incorporates large combinations of cards, I like to be able to see which ones are sitting where pretty quickly. The Lenormand has become very popular in recent times and many new designers have been quick to put their stamp on it. You will find some sets where the actual subject of the card (such as The Snake, The Ring, or The Whip) are almost secondary in the image, allowing for lavish scenes or characters, which can often overpower and confuse in a reading. On choosing which of Alex’s decks I’d like to work with, I was pulled back to the Creole Lenormand, since the Lenormand symbols are instantly recognisable, crisp, and attractive.


Alexandre Musruck

Alexandre Musruck is a psychic medium, working primarily with spirit guides and angels. He is based on Reunion Island, a French department in the Indian Ocean. In 2002, Alex experienced an angelic experience when his car slid off of a road and down a 30 metre cliff. During the free fall, he has explained how Archangel Raphael appeared to him as a bright green light and informed him that he was safe. Fortunately, he left the accident with only minor injuries. While Alex has been working with spirit since he was 13, the experience with Raphael amplified his gifts and he began to use them to support other people with the help of angels. His website, Angel Cartomancy, highlights his many products and services.

Alexandre is no stranger to the Lenormand and this is not his only card deck. As well as being a popular reader, he is a spiritual counsellor and you can find his many cartomancy teaching videos and insights on his You Tube  channel. There is an array of interesting Lenormands, tarots, and angel cards self-published under his name too. His Lenormand cards range from themed sets (Retro and Christmas being just two) to those designed for beginners (the Raphael Lenormand has definitions printed below vibrant photographs for the ease of a Lenormand newbie). There are many attractive sets in Alex’s back catalogue and when you visit his website, you will see how hard he has worked on building up his brand. I eventually decided on his Creole Lenormand because I really enjoy these kind of black and white line images. Their simplicity cuts to the chase when reading.

Alex 01

I asked Alexandre what inspired him to create the Creole Lenormand and he said “The inspiration came from the Creole tradition that I come from. I live on a French island and Lenormand came to us through the French coloniser decades ago. I wanted to creolise the Lenormand without removing its core meaning. Every card respects the tradition of the Lenormand system (the French school), but is flavoured with exoticism”.

The cards in the Creole Lenormand may appear simple, but there is far more to them than meets the eye. They will be instantly understandable to anyone who already works with the Lenormand systems or for a beginner, since there are  only very minimal changes. The Scythe is The Sickle here and The Rider becomes The News Bearer, reminding us that in Creole history, news was brought on foot rather than horseback. Elsewhere, symbols are easily identifiable. The Child shows an image of two children and The House  presents a traditional hut which slaves built to live in. Although not immediately obvious, some cards have a Creole slant, such as The Roads, which shows signs to the two main cities on the island at this time  (Saint Paul and Saint Louis), and the Man and Lady, which depict a white master in his office and a black woman.

Alex 02

While these cards are wrapped up in Creole tradition and memory, they are still a very usable tool for those either unaware or unconnected to Creole history. Their images are fresh and, in my opinion, beautiful. When working with them intuitively, I have gained much insight from the layouts performed and find them to be a very clear reading tool. They are immediate and bold, but there is a sensitivity in the images. They  have a vintage feel to them, like an aged deck which has been handed down through the family, as this wisdom has been. The artwork comes from public domain images that Alex modified for the purpose of the deck. He says that he was ‘guided in search of the artwork’ and found exactly what he was looking for.

Alex 03

The cards are shrink-wrapped and come in a standard white box. They are polka-sized and each has a small reference to its corresponding playing card on the top left hand side. They have a linen finish and shuffle well. The pack does not come with a physical booklet but Alex has written a 24 page PDF called The Art of Lenormand Reading, which is emailed with all of his Lenormand sets. With a brief introduction to himself and how to choose a Lenormand deck, he includes a short biography of Marie Anne  Lenormand, a Lenormand cheat-sheet, notes about significators, and a handful of spreads (with reading examples). Alex also adds a link to his video tutorials. As an accompaniment to a new Lenormand deck, the PDF book provides a good start for a beginner.

clThere is something very charming about the Creole Lenormand. I have many fancy Lenormands here, but I think that this will be one which I grab readily. It reminds me of my relationship with the Rider Waite Tarot, which is my primary reading deck. Like the Rider Waite, this practical and earthy deck proves that you don’t need ‘flashing lights’ and ‘jazzy graphics’ to weave a convincing and relevant story. It’s beauty is in its simplicity, since the cards blend well together in readings. Of course, I am not saying that the Creole Lenormand is not visually attractive, because it is. The images have an antique feel to them, which adds mystique to a reading.

While Lenormand cards are rarely read singly, I asked the deck to describe itself with just one card. The Birds flew from the pack, showing birdstwo owls seated on a branch. While owls are connected with wisdom, the deck is alerting us to how communicative it can be. It’s strength is in its clarity of speech and ability to divulge details of an everyday nature. It says ‘The more time you spend with me, the more you will learn’.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this deck to those who are either beginning with the Lenormand or advanced practitioners who want something clear and individual. As well as being very usable, it looks striking on a reading table!


Images from Creole Lenormand by Alex Musruck, 2015

You can find out about Alex and his products on his site, Angel Cartomancy.

You can learn from Alex on his YouTube channel.


8 thoughts on “Review: Creole Lenormand

  1. Hi, Steven!
    This was a great post! While I’ve followed Alex over on YouTube through his great Lenormand videos, I didn’t know his backstory, and was fascinated with what I read here.
    I’ll be looking to see this deck appear in your awesome clips you post on Instagram and YouTube in the future, since it seems you’re getting on with the Creole Lenormand so well… 😉
    ~ James

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely, James. I have used it in a few of my clips but it will get more use. I find it clear to read and do enjoy black and white decks, both in tarot and Lenormand. It is great to write about Alex’s story and work! 🙂


    • Thank you! I was excited about this deck and I love how it looks and feels. It was a pleasure to review one of Alex’s decks. He has so many interesting ones. A very talented and committed man!


  2. A good black and white deck is a good deck! Lovely to see people still using old engravings and black and white illustrations.

    I’m still waiting for any angel to talk to me. Never happens.

    Liked by 1 person

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