‘Weekly Angelic Message’ – 2nd – 8th November 2015

Many people come to me because they want to know how to proceed in a situation. Others want clarity and some want reassurance. I have found that my Angelic Messages can provide a little of all three requests; often bringing comfort to the person who is being read for. With this in mind, a friend of mine suggested I bring an angelic message to the blog this week.angel messages 01

This week’s cards show movement. For anyone who likes to get on with the task at hand or enjoys a challenge, the first card, Triumph, will appeal. This card can symbolise someone who is ready for success, but really, it represents all of us, since we all have hopes and dreams we wish to accomplish. Everyone has a place they want to be and and a goal they wish to achieve.

This first card describes an overcoming of obstacles and suggests that we will get back on-track. However tired you may feel on this Monday morning, the Triumph card can boost the most lethargic of spirits. Success is on its way.

While we all have dreams, it does take time to get where we want to be and this angelic message reminds us to not give up trying. Are you standing on the winning podium right now? Chances are, most of us are not there just yet. The word for this week is patience. Your angels wish you to know that within the next few months, you will begin to see a change in circumstance for the better. While this will not happen overnight, we should not give up!

Do you have everything you want? Are you where you wish to be? As we move through this week, be patient with yourself. Every step of the journey is as important as the next. We can never truly appreciate where we end up if we can’t accept the beauty in the present moment.

Stay patient and be grateful for every step of the journey!


If you would like an Angelic Messages Email Reading, please visit my site for further details.

Images from The Psychic Tarot Oracle (John Holland), The Indigo Angel Oracle and Angel Answers Oracle Cards (both by  Doreen Virtue, with Charles Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, respectively)


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