October Update

Me On Bed 2It doesn’t feel as though we’ve had much of a Summer this year. Aside from the occasional hot day, it has been grey and rainy in the UK and Halloween is already knocking at our door. However, even before the first call of trick or treat, the decorations for the dreaded ‘C’ word are up and in the shops already. The television advertisers have done what they always do – slip the word in carefully, hoping we’ll not notice, and then let rip with 24 hour advertising. The slippery slope has begun.

We’re only just into Autumn. The trees still have their leaves and we’ve not even unpacked the fireworks yet. The Reading Room reflects the mood of the seasons, sparkling amongst the dark mornings of the Winter or bathing under the Summer sun. As the afternoons become darker in the converted barn we share with a 30-odd-year-old tea room, clients huddle in and sit at the dimly lit table: with the door closed, everything away from the reading table blurs into the background – it’s just myself, the client, and the map of cards between us.

Angelic Messages

blog angelWhile my standard appointments have not changed, I have added new features to my shop. My preferred method of working has always been in person, but in the last month, I have added Angelic Messages and Angelic Whispers email readings to my offerings. Where as some people like a practical and to-the-point tarot reading, others seek the soft and supportive lift of an Angel Card reading. I have been connecting to these energies for some time and decided to bring them to my practice, since some clients simply want a little inspiration and comfort. They have proved successful and are a method of email reading which I enjoy to perform. Using three different Angel-related decks, I meditate and then pull cards, describing the situation a person is in, the Archangel who is working with them, and a message geared to the client. George Koury, from Spirit Loves You, commented “Your message applied directly to what is going on in my life currently. I appreciate your talent and the work you are doing”. It is great to receive that kind of feedback.

As well as expanding my readings, I have also taken on more mentoring opportunities, both in person and through Skype. Skype mentoring has allowed me to take my 1:1 teaching across the pond, planning personal sessions for each client, some relating to Angel Cards and others geared to traditional tarot. Similarly, I am able to tutor tarot readers of different levels and experience in person, directed by what they wish to learn. Encouraging someone’s knowledge and practice to deepen is a very satisfying thing. I really enjoy helping new readers to build up their confidence and tarot muscles.

Reviews 4 U

reviewsI’ve been pulled away from the blog in recent months but I’m hoping to find more time to be here in November. I have managed to write reviews for some decks that are newly out on the tarot and oracle market, such as Fairy Tarot Cards, Wisdom of the Oracle, and The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot, and have more scheduled to publish.

When I am looking to buy a new deck, a review can be like gold dust – especially if I am right there in the shop with deck in one hand and cash card in the other. I like to know the highs and lows of a new publication. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been misled and stung by a beautifully designed box. When printing pip decks, many publishers only grace the front of the packaging with the majors, which can lead to much disappointment for anyone wanting to read with a scenic Minor Arcana. I try to review for people like myself. Many decks have next to no profile online. I began reviewing here when I bought the Dream Oracle, since I bought it on a whim, being unable to find any pictures or reviews on my phone while out and about. I have owned many decks I’d never have bought if a thorough review had been available.

Not every deck works for every person. It’s personal preference. I believe that with an investment of time, any deck can become a valid and inspirational tool, so I often try to look at them from different angles within my reviews. No deck is without its flaws or merits, however few.

If you are a deck creator and would like to send me a copy of your deck for review, why not drop me an email request. If it is one I can publicise here on the blog, I’d be happy to give it a write-up. Similarly, if you have suggestions for a future subject you’d like to see me cover here, please get in touch and let me know. If it is a question I can answer or something I have experience of, I’d be happy to write a response here.

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!




If you would like to book an in person reading with me, contact Lorraine at Talking Spirit on 07930 539 004. Talking Spirit is situated at The Reading Room, Mill Yard (Swan Street), West Malling, ME19 6LP.

If you would like to book a Skype reading, please contact me at steven@tiferettarot.com for appointment information and payment details.

For email readings, courses and other product, please check out my site at tiferettarot.com



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