September Update

the-Unicorn-tarot_3The weather has not known what to do with itself this month. We were promised an Indian Summer but the wind is howling as I write and the rain has been relentlessly pounding at my window. We’ve slipped towards Autumn, which is my favourite season.

People have decks set aside for Autumn. Since there are so many packs with Autumnal colours, it is not hard to find one to suit. In the past, I have used the Archeon Tarot when the leaves have changed from green to golden brown, but as we head towards Halloween, it is the Unicorn Tarot deck which I have added to my reading table. The Unicorn Tarot, by Suzanne Star and Liz Hilton, has been a favourite for some time. I find it clear and easy to read, since I prefer simplistic and uncluttered imagery. I am hoping to bring its strength into my public readings. The images could appear a little naive and childlike to some, but I believe they are bold and mature enough to use for others when dealing with delicate subjects.


Tarot DIY


The Hermit, DIY Tarot Challenge

As you may remember, I have enjoyed creating and taking part in tarot-related photo challenges on Instagram and this month, I grabbed an artistic one by both horns. Rather than choosing a challenge with daily reads or a strictly photographic flavour, I opted for a challenge which concentrated on creating a card from the Major Arcana every day. A tall order? It was no mean feat, but it was an enlightening process.

I’d considered doodling my images at first, but instead decided to use collage as my weapon of choice. I wanted to free myself up a bit: the wonder of collage is that while moving images about during the process, they begin to speak without much effort. On many occasions, the images (from old books and magazines) chose me, rather than the other way around and in a lot of cases, the ideas I had before creating a specific card were turned on their head. I didn’t expect to like the images I created, but many have become great teachers and reflective exercises, as well as small art pieces I am proud of putting together.


Bathers at Asnières, Georges Seurat

I have taught collage in schools to many children. I also [unsuccessfully, I might add, due to lack of interest], tried to start an oracle creation workshop in my local area. You do not need to be an art master to master collage and this is why it is such fun for the beginner or artistic novice. Sometimes, it is the simplest collages which speak the loudest or provoke the most complex reactions. Many of my own efforts were put together with only two or three images. I have enjoyed digital collage in the past, but nothing compares to getting stuck in with a stack of magazines, some scissors, and some glue. Anybody can create an effective collage and it is a great way of putting together a personal tarot or oracle deck. If you are held back by a lack of artistic or computer skills, then this could be the answer. The Transformational Tarot (by Arnel Ando) was created this way and still proves immensely popular. Collage has become a sophisticated and recognised medium of artistic expression and can profoundly affect both the artist and viewer.




Me and the Tarot Tee


Cairan Gaffey, Tarot T-Shirts

As you may have already seen in my last blog entry, I put together my first interview this month – with Ciaran Gaffey. Working with his partner, Rosario Solerno, Cairan is the founder of the brand, Tarot T-Shirts. I’ve seen many tarot themed garments before but I was really struck by these – where others had lacked in style and creativity, these designs are bold and bursting with personality.

Cairan and I began to talk a couple of months ago and decided that we would collaborate in some way. As well as my interviewing him, he asked if he could interview me for his site. It was a pleasure to exchange with him and you can find his interview with me on his blog.

I really hope that Tarot T-Shirts expands and becomes more widely recognised. I am also excited about the eventual release of these images as a tarot deck by Rosario Solerno.


Jumping Back In

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 15.18.31It was kind of strange to jump straight back into tarot reading after teaching last month. In fact, I had to literally hit the ground running, since my first gig was at a Psychic Fair, where I’d booked a pitch. I worked this same fair last year and it was both a good earner and had a great atmosphere. I can remember attending events like this when I was much younger, but as a customer, believing I’d never have the confidence to read for a stranger in a place like that myself.

I read for nine great clients that afternoon – from the teenage to the mature, for both male and female. All of my half-hour slots were booked, some in advance, leaving me with just half-an-hour at the end of the day to soak up the atmosphere and speak with some of the other stall holders For some clients, it was an emotive experience and the cards did not let me down. Face to face reading will always be my preferred way of working, although I can remember how scared I once was of doing it.

Now that I am back to reading properly, my day at Talking Spirit has changed to a Monday. I have had some empowering sessions after my break and look forward to many more.




If you would like to book an in person reading with me, contact Lorraine at Talking Spirit on 07930 539 004. Talking Spirit is situated at The Reading Room, Mill Yard (Swan Street), West Malling, ME19 6LP.

If you would like to book a Skype reading, please contact me at for appointment information and payment details.

For email readings, courses and other product, please check out my site at


2 thoughts on “September Update

  1. Love your Hermit collage! And congrats on jumping back in to reading face to face. It’s funny, I’m currently trying to “collage” life coaching and tarot reading, no longer offering official tarot readings, but using the cards in a slightly different way as a jumping off point for change. As with your artistic collages, I learn from each such experience, seeing things in a new light 🙂


  2. Great update! As usual, your artistic and intuitive work inspires me to be a little more daring about my own. I haven’t felt well the past week or so–some back pain and other pain issues, but anyway…I hope to climb out of feeling ‘blah’ on many levels and getting back into the creative, intuitive game and not be ‘down’ for too long. The collages are great. I love your collage work! I’ve not done a ton of collage but I’ve always thought it was such a cool medium. Hugs!!


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