August Update

jeanSome of August has been about teaching, but this time, not with tarot as its subject. Every year, with a very small handful of artists, I help to run a Summer School in Kent. While I have worked in many schools over the last eight or so years, this is my third year with this particular one.

Fifty Shades of Summer School

Aim4 was created by Nova Marshall and Cathi Baker. Nova and I have been friends since we were teenagers but, after losing contact for many years, found each other again through social media some ten years ago. It was through her that I found my way into becoming a creative practitioner. Before she and Cathi started their own business, the three of us worked together on an array of projects, hosted by primary, secondary, and grammar schools in the county. We’ve also worked with universities, students with special-needs, and on community-based projects. Our work has been diverse in subject and often out of our own creative disciplines; part of the fun has been rolling with that and delivering new and exciting programs for the students.

2014 Project

Shadow Play Installation, 2014


Garden installation, 2013

Over the years of working in this school, Cathi, Nova and I have guided students (who are beginning their secondary school education) to create a variety of large art installations. This year, the two weeks has consisted of designing and decorating a tired area of the building, but part of our goal is to help children to make new friends and feel comfortable in their new environment, ahead of joining the school in September. My workshops have been part of the routine, specialising in collage and the deconstruction and redesign of a plain white t-shirt. The latter is always something which students enjoy, since it enables them to express their creativity and personality.

Working on wall painting, 2015

Working on wall painting, 2015

Wall Painting, 2015

Wall Painting, 2015

For this year, the fifty students worked with me on a variety of studio-based workshops, but they also decorated a large garage and the sides of an uninspired and dull building. Each child helped to design and paint the mural, taking ownership of specific triangles (which they added their own, personally designed, logos to).

Being in school has been an energetic and noisy part of this month, but I always enjoy this kind of work. It has meant that professional tarot took a back-seat for a fortnight but it is never a bad thing to quieten and recharge one aspect of your practice for a short period of time.



The Author and the Gypsy

While I have not been working directly with clients as much as usual this month, my connection to tarot, oracle, and the card community has continued. In early August, two interviews with me were published on two very different cartomancy sites.

Not so long ago, I was asked for an interview by James Jacob Pieri. James is a public reader and podcast host. He has appeared in print, on television and radio, and tours as a fortune-teller. It was a buzz to be asked to chat with him, in what was a long and fun interview. You can find his article on the blog which accompanies his website, AusetGypsy.

Not long after James’ interview, another was published on the Chronicles of Destiny website by author and reader, Emily Ellershaw.

As many people know, I am a big supporter of imagethe Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards by Emily and Josephine Ellershaw. Since I purchased the set, started using it, and reviewed it, Emily and I have become friends and it was an honour to be interviewed by her for the Chronicles blog. Emily’s article touches on my history and work with tarot but is also linked to my views and appreciation of oracle decks – in particular, the set she created with her mother.

You can find Emily’s interview with me here.


Lenormand Thoughts

ringEven though I have been busy within my art practitioner role, I have continued to record my Tarot Thoughts videos, putting them out daily on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. As I continue to make them, they are gaining consistent interest from a small selection of people. Over the past month, the attention of my readings has turned to the Lenormand system. As many will remember, I used to publish under the name of Prince Lenormand previously, so reading Lenormand cards is not a new practice for me. However, with a long break between myself and it, I am building up my Lenormand muscles again. My personal readings with the 36 cards have been very direct and it has been fun to re-ride some of my favourite old decks – including the Mystical Lenormand and The Illustrative Lenormand by Judith Johnston.

While busy, August has been one for making use of the quieter moments. Because of my time in school, I have forced myself to relax when I am not there. I never pack tarot and oracle away completely, so some of this time has been spent curled up with the iPad, keeping an eye on what else is going on in this wonderful community. Here is a fellow reader, who has really caught my attention this month.

Kelly Fitzgerald, from The Truth in Story is also a reader of both tarot and Lenormand. She provides a great selection of instructive videos on her YouTube channel, along with informative and fun reviews. I’ve really enjoyed her demonstrations with the Grand Tableau and her comprehensive look at the new decks she has added to her working arsenal. She has a warm and approachable style, along with a great handle on all kinds of reading. You can check her videos out here.


August has brought youth and creativity. It has given me a chance to recharge my tarot batteries. I will return to my normal practice and, after a month away from it, Tarot Circle in September.



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11 thoughts on “August Update

    • Absolutely, Sharyn. I worked with some great artists on these jobs and the children were extremely enthusiastic and hardworking. The Moro for the school is ‘All different, all equal’. It fits with how everyone added their own personality and creativity to the ‘one’ project.


  1. I love those art installations, they make a huge difference to the spaces! Glad you enjoyed your teaching time, though I don’t envy you working with 10-11 year old kids 😮 I’m definitely more of an adult education person 😉 Lovely interviews, and I agree with you about Kelly, very warm and approachable manner. Looking forward to seeing you blogging more in September, though I also really enjoy the succinct format of your Tarot Thoughts!


    • They really do. Aside from the ones shown, there is a painted garage, which was just a nasty grey slab before. Also, mosaics, which are beautiful. The shirts and collages were inspired. They also got time to play many games and ‘getting to know you’ exercises, as well as being guided to put a presentation together for parents in just a couple of hours.

      They were great kids, but it does feel nice to be in the reading room today and not have to keep raising my voice lol.

      I hope to blog more. Because the Tarot a Thoughts are a manageable way of reaching people daily, I want to bring articles and reviews to the blog more. It’s just about choosing the right ones.


  2. I loved your August update, Steve! It’s very inspiring, as always, to read about what you’ve been doing. I think it also gives perspective and recognition to the things we’ve done when we write them down or talk about them. Often, I don’t even see what I’ve done until I tell someone or write about it. It can be too easy to go through life like a zombie, doing things but never noticing, hardly feeling or remembering what has come before. Congrats on an interesting month!



    • Thanks so much, Hannah! It feels good to be accomplishing things. You’ve known me a long time and can probably remember a time when I wasn’t as focused. You’re right, it is good to write these things down. It’s so easy to forget what you’ve done, especially when you are having a bad day. Equally, your own work has taken a massive leap and I have really enjoyed seeing it on Instagram. Your paintings are beautiful!


      • Ah, thanks for the sweet support. I’ve really appreciated the likes and comments. It’s really helpful. I think we forget how much we need love and support, too. I definitely remember when you felt more like it was an uphill creative struggle. I can relate to that feeling. Hugs to you!!!


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