July Update



It’s July, which can only mean one thing – Tiferet Tarot is 1-year-old!

Even though I have been reading tarot for many years, I only began this venture a year ago. Prior to that, I had read professionally on request and had always dreamed of teaching tarot. In the last year, I have taught my beginners tarot course to three groups of people, have designed my second deck (The Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot), have begun my own Tarot Circle, and have read consistently for clients every week of the year. I do not mention these things to brag, but to remind myself of how much I have put into my work with the tarot since July 2014. I have been interviewed by Theresa Reed and Matt Harris, as well as being mentored by Christiana Gaudet in this last year.

As I move into my second year here, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support – in particular, the good handful of tarot friends who have supported me in the blogging community, long before Tiferet Tarot was a twinkle in my eye.


The London Tarot Festival

At the beginning of this month, I attended the London Tarot Festival. I’d booked my ticket a few months before and had been looking forward to it. It didn’t disappoint.

On an unbearably hot Saturday morning, I took the train to London, accompanied by a group of friends from my Tarot Circle. Armed with decks and enthusiasm, we arrived at the Columbia Hotel in Lancaster Gate around 10am.

Run by Kim Arnold, the backbone of the one-day festival was a selection of talks and workshops. Some were held within the main hall, such as one with Kim herself, but four larger lectures were curtained off. Although I had paid for all four (as part of the golden ticket I’d bought), my main reason for going to the event was to attend the one on Tarot Magick by Chloe McCracken.

Chloe McCracken (creator of The Wings of Change Lenormand and The Celtic Lenormand) and I have been online tarot friends for many years – jumping back and forward from each others blogs to comment and chat about tarot and oracles. Meeting in person was something we’d suggested before and that I’d looked forward to. She was everything I expected – bright, warm, and easy to talk to. Her workshop was well put together, interactive, and gave my friend and I much food for thought. We both learned how to use the tarot for spell-casting. The talk was practical and I was  touched that my own cards (from The Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot) were used within her presentation and on the handouts provided.

As well as meeting Chloe, I was also pleased to meet Carla Tate from Rowan Tarot, another online buddy I have been chatting with for a very long time. Although I’d not met either Chloe or Carla in person before, it felt as though I’d known them for years, which I guess I have. I hope we’ll catch up again!

With Carla Tate (left) and Chloe McCracken (right)

With Carla Tate (left) and Chloe McCracken (right)

I didn’t attend every talk, since they ran almost back-to-back throughout the day, but I did sit in on one by Richard Abbott and another by David Goddard. There were readers in the main-hall (including Rhiannon Fawkner, who created The Fawlkner Tarot), but the other big highlight of the day was meeting Cilla Conway.

Cilla Conway

Cilla Conway

I bought Cilla’s Intuitive Tarot many years ago. I’d been captivated by the illustrations and recommended her book to others frequently. Very recently, her Byzantine Tarot was released. I took the opportunity to look through the sample she had with her at the Festival and was surprised by my response to the images. I felt a connection to the Byzantine paintings in a way I didn’t with many other new decks. There is a real depth to the artwork and I was convinced the deck would be going home with me there and then. However, it was The Devas of Creation (which Cilla also had on her table) that I felt a stronger pull to buy. My friend and I both chatted with Cilla for a long time and both bought the oracle, which she kindly signed.

Kim Arnold put together a great day, which came with goodie bags (including The Fools Wisdom Oracle Cards, a majors only deck, candles, and a Llewellyn velvet tarot bag). While there, I also bought Chloe’s Celtic Lenormand. This far, I have only looked through it, but watch this space! When I return to the Lenormand, it will be with this set. I am looking forward to making time to read her book. It’s not an experience I want to rush.

All in all, it was a great day. I chatted with some interesting people, including Kim herself, and enjoyed looking through the stalls – thankfully for my bank balance, I haven’t felt like buying too many new tarots in recent times, but I did come away with the out of print Yeager Tarot of Imagination; a deck I’d wanted for years but thought I’d never find.


Working with the Devas

Layout 1I believe in synchronicity.

Sometimes, things come together just at the right time. Finding Cilla and her deck at the London Tarot Festival felt important. There are a couple of tarots on the market at the moment which I do feel drawn to (noticeably The Fountain Tarot and The Wild Unknown Tarot), but recently, I have been wanting to use a system I wasn’t as familiar with or something without a system at all. While The Devas of Creation does have an accompanying book and meanings for all of the cards, Cilla encourages the reader to use their own feelings when working with the spirits depicted on the cards.

In recent weeks, I have been attending psychic development meetings with the owner of Talking Spirit, Tracy Sharman. She has helped me to channel my intuitive responses within my practice, which coincided with my getting the Deva deck. In fact, I gave a reading with the Devas this week, relying only on the feelings I gained from the colours, shapes and energetic beings within the deck. The response surprised even me; so much so that I have added the Devas to my traditional tarot layout – Christiana Gaudet’s 11-card Celtic Cross. It adds an extra flavour to my readings and I have been using it to open up with my client before I get into the cross. For the people I have read for this week, I have combined Cilla’s Intuitive Tarot with the Devas. Since I bought them, these cards have also featured in my daily Tarot Thoughts, which I have been posting on Instagram, Facebook and my YouTube channel.


Taking on The Challenge

At the beginning of this month, I designed a challenge through my Instagram account. I compiled a list of inspiring tarot prompts, one for each day of July. Amongst these were ‘first deck’, ‘court card crush’, ‘tea and tarot’ and ‘tarot space’. Those participating were invited to use the suggestions as springboards for their imagination.

The response to the challenge was greater than I had imagined. Because I asked people to tag me in their images so that I could see them, I have received nearly 2000 so far. I have tried to respond to as many as I can, although I am sure some have slipped past me in my feed.


I have been overwhelmed and warmed by the amount of people who have taken part in the challenge and posted every day. There has been a great community spirit involved and participants have been looking at each other’s entries and acknowledging the creativity and enthusiasm that the challenge has inspired.


One of the really nice (and unexpected) things that came from the challenge was that some newer readers found a wealth of information and new understanding at their fingertips. I’d not initially considered that it might be a great way for someone beginning their tarot studies to get to know their deck and learn from those around them. It has been very rewarding to get positive feedback from those who have taken part and I’d like to thank every single person who did!


July has been a month of community and meeting people. I’ve met fellow readers, tarot artists, and creators in both person and through the lens of social media. I’ve met with new clients in the Reading Room and during my readings, have even been touched by the energetic spirit of the Devas. It’s been a busy month but has been a lot of fun!



If you would like to book an in person reading with me, contact Lorraine at Talking Spirit on 07930 539 004. Talking Spirit is situated at The Reading Room, Mill Yard (Swan Street), West Malling, ME19 6LP.

If you would like to book a Skype reading, please contact me at steven@tiferettarot.com for appointment information and payment details.

For email readings, courses and other product, please check out my site at tiferettarot.com


16 thoughts on “July Update

  1. Happy Birthday TT – and well done you for charting your own course and sailing it! 🙂
    The Devas deck is one I wouldn’t have thought would be something I would choose at all, but there is something very special about it. I’ve enjoyed the insights and intuitive nudges I’ve gotten from it very much.


    • Thanks Bev. It is a different approach to what feels comfortable for me, so I was interested to step out of my comfort zone and I am enjoying now I can find a balance between it and standard tarots. It’s an exciting new chapter in my reading. I’m glad to hear you have been enjoying it too. I’ve seen some interesting and inspiring work with the deck about online.


  2. Great update thanks. I didn’t consider you might be posting elsewhere, as I limit my time online and haven’t tried the other social media mentioned, just glad all is well!


    • Thanks Sharyn. Yes, I have been spreading myself about a bit but I am intending to bring more content to the blog soon. The daily short reading bursts suit Instagram and the other platforms, so I thought I would save the blog for articles, reviews etc.

      Hope all is well with you!


  3. Hi
    What a wonderful entry for July!
    Your day must have seemed like a dream come true.
    It is heartwarming to see the incredible progress in your life accomplishing goals which were only thoughts and ideas a few years ago.
    And indeed synchronicity is always at work-I too have been seeking a new oracle system that would bring me to a new level and seeing the Divas of Creation appearing on your journey is not a coincidence for me. I went to Conway’s site and tried a free reading with these cards and they really made a deep impression on me. I felt guided in a way indicating that I have found something exactly geared to my desire to open a door into a new magical realm.
    Thank you for sharing your experience in that unique eloquent way of yours.
    Even if you don’t see my comments of late I’ve been a faithful follower since day one of your adventures into self growth and life.


    • Thanks for your support over the years, Nathalie. I think the Devas will be a big part of my development. I was considering buying back the Soul Cards but they are very alike and I wonder if I would get so much from them. I owned them before and traded them. Of course, the way which really appeals to me is to make my own collage cards 😉


    • I have seen it yes. It looks really nice, but there have been so many tarots floating about of late that I have felt more inclined to just stick with the ones I have for the moment. I have been using the Intuitive Tarot for work and I enjoy it’s visual language. There are some very attractive sets about but often, I find the more slick ones harder to read with.


  4. Happy birthday Tiferettarot!!! Well done Steve. I am so happy this adventure has been so successful for you. The July challenge is a great success too. I am so enjoying it and at the same time I am a bit sad it is almost august 😀


  5. Wow, a year flies by! It’s been a really good one by the sounds of it, in lots of ways. And meeting you was a highlight for me, for sure 🙂 Although I haven’t taken part in your July challenge, I have loved reading some of the posts from it, yours and those of others. So, you reached even more people than just those who took part!
    May the year to come be filled with even more fascinating challenges of all kinds…


    • Thanks Chloe. Likewise!

      It has been great to reach out in the challenge. People are already requesting another one, but I might need a few months break from challenges before that!

      Thanks for your kindness over the years. I look forward to many more! 🙂


  6. What an inspiring update! I have to say your momentum this past year or so has been very uplifting. It warms me to see that it’s possible to move forward in a direction of your choosing and really shine. Congrats on everything! XOXO, MM


    • Thanks so much Hannah. I have tried to give it my all. I’ve always been one to think and dream but I have really worked on making things happen over the past three years. I’ve re shaped myself in many ways. I never stuck to anything in the past.


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