June Update

imageSummer has arrived! Or has it? As I sit here at the reading table, the sunshine has stepped aside and made way for dark clouds. A chilly breeze is rushing through the skylight above my head and a light sprinkling of rain has just begun to tip-tap on the glass.


A New Space

As I mentioned last month, Talking Spirit has now moved to its new reading  room, just above the shop it used to occupy. The setting is more intimate and we still sell a selection of tarots, oracles, books and spiritual accessories. Our new environment is more focused and we have a lovely old tea room next door, where clients can wait for their appointment or relax and reflect afterwards.

I have changed my afternoon slot from a Tuesday to a Friday, but am also working a full day on a Monday for the time-being. When I do not have a client, it is the perfect place for me to write and plan. I have a few new ideas brewing for forthcoming months and The Reading Room is a great space to thrash them out on paper. Set in a small yard in West Malling, I regularly receive walk-in customers since we are also neighbours to a gallery and jeweller, but it can sometimes be quiet enough for me to write.


tarottWhat are your Tarot Thoughts?

As many of you are aware, my social media profile has unashamedly elbowed its way into my routine, since it is there that many people first find me. My favourite of all platforms is Instagram, where I am at my most relaxed. Rather than post daily draws here, I have begun a series of daily videos, entitled Tarot Thoughts, which are posted directly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and linked through Twitter. In each, I offer up a bite-size piece of advice from the tarot (or an oracle) each day.

While I still post static images, I very much enjoy the process of making the 15 second films and find that using my voice is a great way of connecting with friends and clients. At first, I was told that videos do not get as good of a reaction as photography, but I pursued it all the same. Of course, it is wonderful to receive follows and likes, but it is not my primary aim – I enjoy to provide comfort and clarity for those who might want a little direction at the beginning of each day.

The videos have begun to find their audience and I was touched to receive a very positive shout-out from Donnaleigh De LaRose. I have followed her own work for many years, so it was both a surprise and honour to see she had recommended me to her followers.


Art Explorer

With readings and other projects on the go, my own tarot illustrations have taken a back seat. However, I have found the odd hour or two to experiment. My drawing style has developed over the months and I am letting my creativity find its own way. When I have designed tarots before, I have stuck to strict guidelines, plans, and tradition, but in a series of pen and pencil doodles I’ve been working on, I have let the artwork lead the way and find its own voice. I have a selection of resource photos ready to use and when other projects allow, I will take some time to continue with my illustrations.



imageJune has been a month revolving around study and planning. My Tarot Circle has temporarily moved to a new location and our last meeting was our strongest yet. Through my work with tarot reader and author Christiana Gaudet, my eyes have been opened in many ways. She has helped to build my confidence and reignite sparks within the creative areas of my work – some I hope will soon manifest.




If you would like to book an in person reading with me, contact Lorraine at Talking Spirit on 07930 539 004. Talking Spirit is situated at The Reading Room, Mill Yard (Swan Street), West Malling, ME19 6LP.

If you would like to book a Skype reading, please contact me at steven@tiferettarot.com for appointment information and payment details.

For email readings, courses and other product, please check out my site at tiferettarot.com

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.


8 thoughts on “June Update

  1. Wow, what a lot going on! Your new space sounds beautiful. And those drawings are amazing! As you say, a very different voice… 🙂


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