Your Cards: June 22nd – 28th

Page of Wands rxHere are your cards for June 22nd -28th.

For this week, I am using one of my favourite reading decks, The Radiant Rider Waite.

As we begin this week, we meet with the Page of Wands. This tarot character is in reverse, so his usual traits are muted. As someone who usually courts excitement and is enthusiastic about the future, this young man’s energy is blocked.

Are you beginning Monday with a sense of dread, fatigue or lack of adventure? What is stopping you from embracing this week? Are you feeling tired or lethargic?

If you have had a busy weekend, you might be feeling it on Monday and Tuesday? The Page of Wands loves to get about and enjoy himself. Maybe you overdid it and are feeling the effects of trying to do too much.

3swordsLooking into the middle of the week, we might gain further understanding around the first card? The 3 of Swords is a card of difficulty. For some, it will bring separation, quarrels, or temporary pain. Does it suggest something you are hoping to avoid or have tried to swerve? These cards might be explaining your lack of drive and enthusiasm, since you are aware that difficult times could lay ahead.

The 3 of Swords will not go away and must be confronted on Wednesday or Thursday.  Remember that the energy of this card is not permanent though. Sometimes, things must be said or situations need to be confronted. Is it you who must thrust the sword into the heart of a loved one or are you fearful of having hurtful words or rejection thrust into yours? Nobody enjoys painful situations but they are a part of life. If you have a person or situation you must confront, then try to handle it as sensitively as you can. We can all be fragile. If you are in receipt of the pain, remember that while it might be necessary for growth, it will not last forever.

10ofswordsrxWith the 10 of Swords standing at the end if your week, we are reminded that this week is going to have its obstacles. However, the dramatic nature of these cards is centred around how you deal with the problematic situations which face you. Do you decide to take words to heart or dwell on those things which have gone wrong?

When in reverse, the 10 of Swords sees the potential to hold on to pain and squeeze every drop out of it. Although many people do not like to see the card in a reading, it usually signifies the end of difficult situations. In its reversed position, we could become [or witness] someone who hangs on to negativity and almost enjoys dwelling in unhappiness or disappointment.

As we reach the weekend, find an opportunity to release this week’s hardships. Do you really want to carry them around? What’s done is done and although those around you acknowledge the battles of your week, they will only allow you to wallow for so long. Nobody contests your difficulties, but as you find your way to Sunday, it is time to stand up, dust yourself off and prepare for the new week ahead of you! What doesn’t kill you will definitely make you stronger!




Illustration from The Radiant Rider Waite, based on the drawings of Pamela Colman Smith and redrawn by Virginijus Poshkus. Published by U. S. Games


2 thoughts on “Your Cards: June 22nd – 28th

  1. It’s interesting, for me the 10 of Swords reversed implies the impermanence of the troubles more than the upright card. That all those troubles are ready to drop away, if we just let them 🙂 Let’s hope so!


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