Your Cards: June 15th – 21st

gabrielFor this week’s reading, I am using the Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor.

For the start of the week, we have Archangel Gabriel, who represents the fifth chakra. This chakra, coloured in blue, rests within the throat and concerns communication. With his trumpet and orb, Archangel Gabriel brings expression and our speaking of the truth to this reading.

For Monday and Tuesday, think about those things you say and those things which you don’t. Are you speaking the truth? Look at situations as they arise and ask yourself if you are telling people what they need to hear or what they want to hear. Are you holding back from saying what you should out of fear or insecurity?

You will have the power to communicate what you really think and feel at the beginning of this week. Be tactful, but honest. Holding back your true thoughts in an important situation will not do you, or others involved, any good.

reversed appreciationFor Wednesday and Thursday, we find Appreciation in its reversed position.

The woman in this card holds on to her rose. More reward may be on its way to her, but for the moment, she simply gives thanks for the small things which she has.

In its reversed position, this card suggests that you are missing opportunities or are not seeing the good in those things you have at your disposal – this might concerns friends, family, your work, talents, or your possessions. Think about this and open your eyes. What or who are you not utilising or have forgotten about? Sometimes, we become lost in the search for the things we believe will make us whole and do not spare a thought for the things we possess already. As you hit the middle of this week, what have you come to realise you should be truly grateful for?

contractAs our week comes to an end, a partnership or contract becomes important.  You may well be asked to commit to something or join forces with another person.

The third card for the week, Contract, does not concern small or casual agreements. Expect an invitation or some kind of deal to come your way by Sunday. When it does, remember that it is important. Can you give your all to it or is it best to wave it away? If you have had difficulties with legal contracts or action, this card is a favourable one to see as we reach the weekend and will put your mind at rest.

Wishing you all of the best for your week! Speak your truth, open your eyes to what you have, and consider prospective opportunities with care.




Illustrations from Energy Oracle by Jena DellaGrottaglia


2 thoughts on “Your Cards: June 15th – 21st

  1. An interesting reading. I definitely had some contract issues last week. They’re not resoled, just on the backburner… 🙂


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