Your Cards for June 8th – 14th

James Van PraagFor this week’s draw, I am using The Soul Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh.

It is always important, when reading cards like this, to assess your feelings from the outset. My first response to these cards is through their group colouring. Despite there being a vast palette in The Soul Journey Lesson Cards, there is a collective warmth of orange hues in this trio.

denialFor Monday and Tuesday, we have Denial.

This may be an uncomfortable card for many people who are reading this. Due to the pure nature of denial, you may find it hard to acknowledge what this card is referring to at the beginning of your week. Often, we will focus on something which is easy for us to deal with instead, burying our fears and worries about a specific situation even further out of reach. Are you doing just that as you read this?

What are you in denial about today? Are you kidding yourself that a job or relationship doesn’t have its problems, when deep down you know they are festering and preventing you from receiving those things you need in either your career or with another person? What might you be trying to hide from yourself? Ask yourself what it is which you don’t want to confront. Are you trying to keep something alive which you know has already passed?

As we start our week there will be potential for transformation and reward, but we must realise that our acknowledgement and confrontation of those things which are difficult present the pathway to true enlightenment and contentment. What can you unearth on Monday and Tuesday which will assist your journey into the week? When we begin to pull the smallest of weeds from our metaphorical garden, we will feel the release. Even bringing them into our consciousness and admitting that they scare us is the start of this process. Awareness destroys fear.

prideAs we move into the middle of the week, we find Pride.

This card brings a little balance to the draw. At the beginning of our week, we must challenge those things which are holding us back. For Wednesday and Thursday, we look at those things which we are proud of. Could this represent feeling good about the confrontation of our fears on Monday and Tuesday? Absolutely!

How do you view pride? These days, we can mix pride up with smugness. This card removes the egotistical side of pride and simply asks you to pat yourself on the back for the good things you have done and asks you to find an awareness of your own accomplishments. Ask yourself what you can achieve this week and what you have achieved already. This needn’t be about the things you own, but will likely concern going against your natural responses during difficult times – when we are about to be selfish, judgemental or lazy. As we move towards the weekend, how do you relate to pride? Recognise your own personal successes, but try to see the Light in those around you too. How can you do something differently to how you usually would? Those things which you might consider to be your smallest accomplishments are most likely your biggest. Think about this.

changeAs we hit our weekend, we meet with Change.

I already know what you are thinking – change is scary. Well yes, sometimes it can be. But most often, change is transformational. It lets us know that life has affected us in some way. Even when we meet with difficult times – whatever that might be for you in your life – we are given an opportunity to grow. Have you ever looked back at what appeared to be an awful time and considered how it helped you to become a better person or supported your move forward?

This card does not necessarily predict bad times but it does suggest that we will feel differently at the end of our week. Change is beginning to take place for all of us and how we react to it is important. Do we embrace it or push it away?

For Saturday and Sunday, examine the changes which are taking place for you. Where possible, try to ride with them and find an appreciation, however difficult. If we allow it, change can be exciting, even if scary. We must remember that, regardless, change is always inevitable!

The warmth in this weeks cards brings about a positive and exciting energy. Things are getting started and it is up to us to either get on board or sit back and resist. If this is a journey you would like to be part of, then it may require some self-honesty, effort, and soul-searching. If you want to make positive changes in your life, it all starts with you. Be proud of your progress. Every step, however small, is an important and valid one!




Illustrations from The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh, illustrated by Charlotte Backman


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