Your Cards for the Week: 1st – 7th June

6 of CupsFor this weeks cards, I have drawn from the vintage Mountain Dream Tarot by Bea Nettles.

Although this photographic deck was born in the summer of 1970, the version I own is a second edition from 2001. It is scanned from the original and digitally updated with new back designs. In her own photographic rendering of Waite’s images, there are portraits of Bea’s children, parents, brothers and sisters. I always loved the bohemian style and spirit of the Mountain Dream Tarot and bought a copy from Bea, who lives in Carolina, many years ago.

In this week’s cards, we find an air of playfulness. The first card, for Monday and Tuesday, is the 6 of Cups.

In this 6 of Cups, we find two children. One of the two looks up from play. They represent our childlike nature and childhood. In this card, we can find both our distant past.

How do you feel about your past? Is it something you look back to fondly or would you rather it stay where it is? For the beginning of this week, be aware that those things you thought were done and dusted could well make a return. Similarly, a surprise reunion may tap you on the shoulder or a person from your past might wish to make another appearance. Will this be an unpleasant shock or will you welcome this person or situation with open arms?

foolAs we move into the middle of this week, the childlike nature of the weeks cards is emphasised by The Fool.

With both this card and the 6 of Cups in play, our childlike nature is heightened.

Although The Fool in this deck is slightly older than the children in the first card, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t in touch with the carefree aspects of his personality. Look at how he stares up rather than straight ahead. He’s not looking forward and is most probably unaware of the obstacle or drop before him.

As we reach Wednesday and Thursday, you might feel just like this character and want to throw caution to the wind. In some cases, this will be beneficial since The Fool provides us with the ability to jump into something new and exciting. However, there is a reckless side to this card. You should be aware that with every potential opportunity comes a risk. While childlike enthusiasm can carry us forward into new beginnings and onto exciting journeys, remember that there is a fine line between being fearless and foolish. Take a deep breath and look before you leap during the middle of your week.

2 of pentaclesAs we reach the weekend, we find the 2 of Pentacles.

In this card, the boy holds two disks and stands on one leg. He balances as best he can.

Things will become a little less carefree as we hit Friday. It is likely that all of us will become a bit busier and feel under demand. The boy manages to keep on top of his responsibilities. How will you approach demands put on you? Will you stay on top them as he does or will they control you? Might the presence of The Fool, in the middle of the week, encouraged you to take on something you know you cannot really manage?

Expect a busy weekend. The 2 of Pentacles may concern demanding friends, bills, relationships, or situations which all want a piece-of-you. Know that even though they could become difficult, you can handle them.

While this week will test you, its general atmosphere is lighthearted and connects you with your inner-child. Enjoy its surprises and that part of you which yearns to let go and feel free. However, don’t allow it to consume you entirely. There will be risk and problems for those who submit to naivety and foolishness or for anyone who neglects responsibility entirely!

If these cards make sense for you this week, I’d love to know about your experiences with them in the comments below!




Illustrations from The Mountain Dream Tarot by Bea Nettles. 2001


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