Your Cards for Today: Knight of Cups & 6 of Swords

Knight of Cups 6 of Swords BlogFrom the Hoi Polloi Tarot, we have the Knight of Cups and the 6 of Swords today.

The Knight of Cups is in steady motion. Astride his horse, he carries a cup. Holding it in front of him, his focus is geared to towards emotional endeavours and romance. As the significator in this reading, the knight shows us as looking at today through the lens of the heart.

The 6 of Swords is a card of transition. It takes us from one place to another. It indicates even more movement in this draw; in this card, we take a journey – although this is sometimes a reference to a physical trip, it more often hints at something deeper. We are using our mind and emotions to help us move on from something difficult.

When I lay the cards out on my reading table each morning, I begin to get a feeling straight away. In some layouts, stories will form. The latter is especially significant here. Even though the Knight of Cups is one of the tarot characters I enjoy to see, in this scenario, I feel as though the couple in the boat, who are steered by the ferryman, are trying to escape him.

For some people, the meaning here will be obvious. They will understand the need to move away from a lover. They will see him as an important relationship in their past or present. Furthermore, there will be some of you who will view him as a jealous man – someone who can be overpowering or does not want to let you go.

Could the Knight of Cups be you? How are your own emotions dictating today? Are your outbursts, moods or emotional reaction to things driving people away?

When these cards are in partnership, know that things will get better. If you are escaping a lover, over-powering friend, or emotional situation, you will soon find peace. If you are the one harbouring difficult emotions, jealousy, or mood-swings, accept them for what they are. Try to rationalise your problems and soon they will pass.

Today is a day for acknowledging emotion in our self and those around us. How do you deal with the way you feel and the ones you love? Sometimes, we hold on to people and emotions which either have or must run their course. Think about this today. If someone or something has passed but still plays heavily on your mind and heart, accept the truth in the situation and let it go.

Illustrations from the Hoi Polloi Tarot, 1972


12 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: Knight of Cups & 6 of Swords

  1. “…know that things will get better.” is good for me today.

    I used to see people scrambling to buy the Hoi Polloi on the Jump the Shark Forum, and I never understood the appeal, but in looking at the colours as you have been using it, it has grown on me. I very much like how the strong black border line sets off the colours against the white of the card.


    • I traded for mine many moons ago. I said I liked it and someone said they had it. I always liked the 1970s feel and as you know, I love a black border! I like the skin tones too. Having said all of this, I hardly use it!


      • Sometimes I find that decks need a while to enter your consciousness. Especially if you’ve bought more than one or some books at the same time. You need time to let it all filter in.

        That’s one of the reasons I remain faithful to my card blog, it allows me that time to look at a deck freshly, or simply get used to it by using it, discovering its peculiarities as I go.

        Heads up Steve: the American Museum of Natural History Photographic Card Deck is now out. Can you resist? I know I’m having trouble….


  2. Your description of the Knight of Cups sent me in a totally unexpected direction, today: my Little One. He’s a Piscean, which fits with the watery cups. And he’s certainly demanding! Perhaps it’s just the combination, as the last two weeks I have put in place a couple of different plans to separate us a bit more, not always successfully. He gets very emotional when he twigs to what I’m up to 😀 Still, the transition will happen, even if it isn’t the question of a single day….


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