Your Cards for Tuesday: 2 of Cups & 6 of Cups

2 of Cups blogOn the blog today, we meet with the 2 of Cups.

This is always a welcome card, since it concerns heart-felt relationships and emotional connections. When the 2 of Cups turns up, we are alerted to the relationships we build with others.

The 2 of Cups does not necessarily concern romantic love but it can lead to it. This card brings about those first stirrings of interest between two people: a mutual connection or attraction. This might be the initial spark within a new friendship or a good creative partnership.

If this card were to be pulled as a significator in a reading, it would indicate a person’s interest in joining or bonding with someone else. It might suggest their sociable abilities or compassion. In some situations, it could evidence their openness and desire to share during a difficult time.

6 of Cups BlogWithin tarot, one card is not always enough. Sometimes, I like to add a little extra flavour to a tarot card draw, so have pulled a second card today. A second card can focus the read and hopefully give us a better idea of what this relationship concerns. I have pulled the 6 of Cups. This card adds a playful nature to the 2 of Cups, since it occasionally speaks about both children and our childlike nature.

For today, the tarot is highlighting a relationship from your past which it considers to be important. It might be that someone is planning to or coincidently will return to your life. Keep an eye out for them: this could be in person or through social media. They might very well hold the key to an important problem so don’t brush them off straight away.

This combination could represent an old friend or lover. It might regard the renewal of a relationship or making peace with someone you have become disentangled from.

Think about your past and the people within it. Are you ready for it or them to become your present once again?




Illustrations from The Hoi Polloi Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith, 1972


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