Your Card for Monday: 7 of Swords

7SwordsBlogOn the blog today, we have the 7 of Swords from the Hoi Polloi Tarot.

There are not many cards within the tarot which bother me, but when this one turns up, it will unsettle a reading at times.  The 7 of Swords can be sneaky at it’s worst and will alert us to situations and people which cannot be trusted.

In this traditional card, the illustration shows a man escaping with five swords. It could be early in the morning, while everyone is still asleep. He leaves what he doesn’t need behind.

If used as a significator, then this card could be highlighting an untrustworthy or sneaky aspect of our self. In a large reading, this could be addressing dishonesty or our own infidelity.

Whether this card is speaking about an indiscretion or not, it often turns up to suggest that someone is thinking of them self before others. There are cases where this is no more than selfishness, but for other people, this could be an important survival technique within their career or relationship.

How does the 7 of Swords colour your day? Are you feeling suspicious of another or does it appear that someone around you is only out for them self? Think about this and how it affects you. This could be an aspect of their personality which you admire or does this card represent a friend or partner who has become more interested in self-serving than sharing.

Might the 7 of Swords represent you? Think about your own behaviour today? Are you sculking about in the darkness for some reason or thinking more about your needs than those of people around you?

For today, examine your self. Do you need to be more upfront or is there a valid [or even fun] reason why you have to hide the truth from others?  Are you thinking of those around you or is it imperative that you place your needs above everyone and everything? Today could provide a wake-up call in many ways.

Illustration from Hoi Polloi Tarot, published in 1972.


7 thoughts on “Your Card for Monday: 7 of Swords

  1. This post made me think about who does really know us? Everyone of us has his secrets, not always bad, but just thoughts we don’t share. Part of our personality will always be hidden for others and often even for ourselves. This is how we survive in the world. We have to keep those swords safe in order to be able to present our well made persona’s


    • Absolutely! There is so much we don’t share with others. Even when we say we are an open book, we are not really. This throws a very interesting light on this card. Thanks Ellen!


  2. In the line of no card being all good or all bad, I see someone making off with ideas they think may help them. In that sense, I’ve had it come up to represent research, so as a significator it could suggest a student, researcher, or just someone who could do with gathering some more information before making any decisions 🙂


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