Your Card for Sunday: 2 of Pentacles

2 of Pents BlogFor this new week on the blog, I will be using the Hoi Polloi Tarot.

The Hoi Polloi is a set straight from the 70s. In fact, it is dated from 1972, which makes it as old as me. Bathed in psychedelic colour, it is of its time. I love how unashamedly bold it is and received my copy in a trade over ten years ago. Coming in a large box, it was originally billed as a game for fortune telling and was the last deck to use Pamela Colman Smiths drawings before U S Games became the only company legally allowed to.

As part of my mentoring and learning with Christiana Gaudet, I am using this week to experiment with significatiors here on the blog. A significatior is a card pulled by many readers at the beginning of a session to describe the person being read for. Often, it is one of the sixteen court cards which is chosen but Christiana uses the first card (from the entire deckout of the trap, picked randomly. Not all readers use a significatior. Up until now, I have not. For this week, I will explore how our daily cards can signify us at the present time, as well as providing the card’s usual advice.

For today, we have the 2 of Pentacles. In this card, we can see a man juggling two discs. He tries to keep them balanced as he shifts his weight from one foot to another.

Should this card turn up as a significatior in a reading, it would suggest that the querent is coping. In this sense, it shows a person who has an ability to deal with more than one thing, to multitask or who is currently keeping abreast of difficult situations. If the card is reversed, we might be looking at someone who is not coping as well as they could be.

What are you juggling today? Do you feel as though you are shifting the weight of responsibility between one foot and the other? Do you feel as though you are coping or are you afraid that you’ll drop those Pentacles soon?

While this is a strange image, it is important to remember that the man is standing on solid ground. As the rest of the world bounces about around us, we must remember that we are in contact with the element of Earth. We are in control.

You might not feel it at the moment, but your practicality and ability to keep on top of more than one thing is a skill which is coming into it’s own right now. It could be that today throws you a few extra situations to juggle. Although this might seem a tall order, know that you are able to deal with extra responsibility. This doesnt mean that you should take on too much. It just acts as a reminder of how much you can deal with at the moment, if you decide to.

When we have a lot going on, we often worry about our ability to cope, rather than acknowleging that we are. Think about those things which are within your control today. Are you coping with an assortment of difficulties better than you actually thought you were?




Illustration from the Hoi Polloi Tarot by Pamela Coleman Smith, 1972



2 thoughts on “Your Card for Sunday: 2 of Pentacles

  1. I’m not a big one for significators, either. In this way of using them, it seems almost more like a card expressing the “theme” for the person about to have the reading. Or perhaps a lens to interpret the other cards – if there’s a lot going on, the reminder that they are coping could be a very helpful one 🙂


    • I like this way of using one. As you say, it’s like a theme and then the first card provides a situation within that. It shows which aspect of our self is being highlighted in the reading. I’m enjoying experimenting with it.


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