Your Cards for Saturday: The Wheel & Saint-Germain

wheelstOn this last day with Angel Tarot and Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, we are joined by The Wheel and Saint-Germain.

I have enjoyed working with these decks this week. I decided to use them both at the last minute and it has proved a good decision. They have worked in harmony and brought about some interesting commentary for each day.

As this week has progressed, similar themes have been expressed. This  could mean that we’ve found problems within personal relationships, finding difficulty in taking control, and being able to see the bigger picture within situations specific to our self.

For today, we become part of positive change, indicated by The Wheel. Archangel Michael sits inside of it, guiding many of us toward luck and fortune. While this card is an omen of bright changes, Archangel Michael reminds us that we have a hand in our future. Sometimes, we need to put our self in the right place at the right time, allowing us to be open and available for new opportunity and profit. Do you remember how we started off the week with The Magician? He was in control of the four elements, having their energy and potential at his fingertips. Notice that the four elements surround Archangel Michael. Their influence from the beginning of the week is starting to play out.

In the 1700s, Saint-Germain was a count, known as The Wonderman of Europe and heralded for his magical abilities. In this card, he suggests our ability to solve a problem – a theme which has been consistently touched on this week. In many ways, he represents intent and commitment.

How can you influence change in your life? How have you brought about change already? This week has presented challenges and, with each day, opportunities for learning and growth. How do you feel differently to how you did on Monday or even yesterday? How can you continually bring magic and fortune into your life? The key for doing so is in your hands.




Illustrations from Angel Tarot by Steve A. Roberts and from Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Marius Michael-George


2 thoughts on “Your Cards for Saturday: The Wheel & Saint-Germain

  1. Hi Steve,

    I love this currently series you are doing. The use of these two decks is really brilliant. I’ve always found the “Ascended Master’s deck a bit frustrating, albeit beautiful. As with all of your daily draws, I find that each day you present a message that is significantly applicable to my life.

    Thanks for your wonderful work.


    • Thanks George. I have found this week both fun and interesting. The cards have been very specific, I feel. I wouldn’t have chosen the Ascended Masters pack generally. I am not sure how it would have worked alone but it works well with something else. I may buddy-up decks like this again.

      Thanks for your kind words and support. It means a lot.


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