Your Cards for Friday: 4 of Earth & White Buffalo Calf Woman

4EBuffFor today, we have the 4 of Earth (Pentacles) from Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

The 4 of Earth is a card usually associated with possessions and earthly power. For some people, it will suggest a need to hold on to what they have got, forewarning a time where they’ll need their assets. This card will make sense for the over-spenders or over-generous. However, for others, the 4 of Earth will suggest that they place too much importance on possessions and money. It could mean that they have become miserly, which is having an effect on those around them. They might need to give a little more of them self and what they have, should they wish for greater relationships in their life. It is ironic that some of the wealthiest people on the planet hold on to their fortunes so tightly that it prevents them from being able to share with and appreciate another person.

White Buffalo Calf Woman represents a peace-offering. When she joins with the 4 of Earth, it might not be money or resources we hold onto tightly, but our opinions, pride and time. These cards may be asking whether doing so is worth it?

For today, ask yourself this: does the things you possess create freedom or erect a prison? Do your views or stance within a situation restrict you or allow progression? The cards drawn this week have already lent heavily on personal relationships and defence. Are you holding on to a belief or your side of a dispute too tightly? Ask yourself what you will really gain or lose from doing so.




Illustration from Angel Tarot by Steve A Roberts and from Ascended Masters Oracle by Rogue Guirey Simpson


2 thoughts on “Your Cards for Friday: 4 of Earth & White Buffalo Calf Woman

  1. For today, it’s definitely time I feel I need to hoard. Still, I like your questions about whether this hoarding creates barriers. Despite feeling a little stressed and busy, it’s still important to make time to connect with blog friends and have a giggle with my sons 😀


    • Yes, absolutely. I think that this combination can bring about hoarding animosity or not looking at another’s point of view. For some, it will be about how making piece is a gift in itself. Not just for the other person but for them self – holding onto hate or bad feeling is not healthy.


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