Your Cards for Thursday: 2 of Water & Merlin

2 of Water MerlinAnyone who works with cards on a regular basis will understand the importance of repeating cards. If a card repeats successively on a daily basis, it suggests something which needs our attention. It could be that we need to direct our focus towards a situation we were previously unaware was important. In larger readings, cards will return but may fall into different positions over time. A card resembling a person or important situation might have less or greater power in a spread than it had some months before.

For today, we have the 2 of Water (Cups) and Merlin. Both have already appeared in our draws this week, although not together. On its last appearance, the 2 of Cups joined up with African goddess Oshun. She emphasised its watery qualities. Today, Merlin suggests a different energy. His is proactive. He controls and directs the water, rather than running with it.

For today, a relationship is important. These cards could well describe your involvement within it and remind you of your ability to shape it in a way you desire. Similarly, this duo could describe another person and their skill in directing friendship or romantic bonds: as the recipient, this may be something you have not been immediately aware of.

How do these cards reflect the unions in your life? Because these cards repeat, a particular friendship or romantic involvement is still relevant this week. Do you feel able to mould a relationship in a way you wish? Or do you feel as though you are being controlled within a relationship? However the combined energy of these cards sits within your day, beware of manipulating others or being manipulated; remember that a good relationship will include an equal input of energy, opinion and direction from both parties.




Illustration from Angel Tarot by Steve A Roberts and from Ascended Masters Oracle by Wendy Andrew


2 thoughts on “Your Cards for Thursday: 2 of Water & Merlin

  1. My partner was out with his friends last night, giving me some time to focus on the healing relationship with myself 🙂


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