Your Cards for Wednesday: Queen of Water & Avalokitesvara

Queen of Cups AvaFor today, we have the Queen of Water (Cups) and Avalokitesvara.

Since I first saw this card from Angel Tarot, it quickly became one of my favourite depictions of the Queen of Cups. I see her as an ethereal and mysterious woman, so having her gracefully gliding above the waves makes sense for me. She is a nurturer of emotions and loved ones. Her friends are the whales, shown symbolically delving into the emotional depths of an important situation. This woman approaches all problems with the offering of her heart.

From the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, Avalokitesara suggests that we look at a situation from another person’s point of view. He is a male Eastern deity, considered as similar to Quan Yin. Avalokitesvara postponed his own ascension into Buddhahood until all humanity is free.

There is a strong feeling of care and compassion in this duo. Although your sensitivity may have been hurt in a situation, try to find it within you to look at both sides of a problem or dispute. It would be very easy to sink within your own emotions, but these cards suggest the opposite: they advise you to try to understand the motivation of your perpetrator. When we close our self off and think of how something affects only us, we prevent healing and progression from taking place. We also miss the opportunity of learning something new about our self.

Think of oppositions in either life or your day. Even if difficult, could you have taken something to heart or misread what someone else did or said? Try and see a situation from someone else’s point of view, as Avalokitesvara would.

Use your emotional wisdom to forgive or show compassion. This needn’t mean you allow yourself to be walked over or lay trust in the blatantly untrustworthy; it simply means that moving forward will only be possible if you can draw a line under any resentment you have for a person or difficulty. Seeing the bigger picture and adjusting your perception is not a weakness, but a strength.




Illustrations from Angel Tarot by Steve A Roberts and Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Paul Heussenstamm


2 thoughts on “Your Cards for Wednesday: Queen of Water & Avalokitesvara

  1. What a beautiful pair of cards for today, and a lovely post to go with them. Your suggestion of trying to see from the others perspective is similar to a “daily wisdom” email I got this morning. It said with most of us, we might as well be holding “I’m right” and “You’re wrong” placards when we disagree with someone. Compassion and deep listening is probably more important than the words we say.


    • Thanks Bev. It’s great when that happens; I love synchronicity. I like that idea about the placards. That is a lovely message. I would say I do listen, but when I think about it, there are times when I only hear what I want to so this is great advice for all of us. When we think we are listening, maybe we really aren’t.


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