Your Cards for Today: 2 of Water & Oshun

2 of Water OshunHere’s an interesting combination for today. From Angel Tarot, we have 2 of Water and from Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, we find Oshun?

In the Angel Tarot, the 2 of Water (or traditionally, Cups) shows a mermaid and a merman beneath the sea. I love the water within this image, displaying the emotional realm which we can all tap into. This twosome are connected: they might be old mates, new friends, lovers or could symbolise two people who are attracted to one another. The dophins represent their playfulness, as they swim together within the ocean of true emotion.

Oshun is the African goddess of water and rivers. Interestingly, she is also connected to emotion and sensitivity. She pours even more water into today’s reading, suggesting the importance of emotional integration and support.

Todays cards highlight relationships. Specifically, they bring energy to one of importance. Oshun could well be endorcing a new relationship in your life but she may also regard the healing of those which have been damaged or lost.

In this card, Oshun suggests that we drink more water, which she advises for both our body and soul. Replenish your thirst but make sure that your relationships do not become dehydrated either. Build new bonds today and stabilise old ones which could do with a little extra attention.




Illustrations from Angel Tarot by Steve A Roberts and Ascended Master Oracle Cards by Lisa Iris


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