Your Cards for Today: 9 of Fire & Melchizedek

nine of file mel1For this second day with two of Doreen Virtue’s decks, we have the 9 of Fire (Angel Tarot, 2012) and Melchizedek (Ascended Masters, 2007).

In the Angel Tarot, Doreen has renamed the suit of Wands as Fire, which is the element it is most commonly associated with. In this image, the traditional Waite version can be detected in the stance of the defiant woman and dragon, protecting what belongs to them. The dragon raises its wings and creates a barrier between us and the pot of gold.

From the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, Melchizedek is associated with the Spiritual Law of Attraction. Melchizedek was the teacher of Abraham and is noted as a great spiritual master of alchemy and sacred geometry. This card suggests that what is brought to us is governed by the law of attraction.

Todays cards bring about an interesting message, because they remind us that what we receive is a direct response to what we put out there in the world. If we show love, love is returned. But if we are guarded, we will never truly experience the kindness of others. When we become defensive, so do those around us. It can become a vicious cycle.

As we step into today, can you relate this message to your life or a specific situation?

The 9 of Fire is a card of resilience and hard work, but sometimes, it will ask us if we really need to keep our guard up. In some cases we will, but with Melchizedek beside it, the cards suggest that our defensiveness only perpetuates both our isolation and stress. Do you need round-the-clock surveillance on your life, heart, or possessions, or could it be the perfect time to drop your guard a little and interact with others?

Remember, if you send out a hard face or suspicion, you’ll only succeed in meeting with its reflection. With the influence of Melchizedek on today’s draw, if you drop your weapon, it is likely that others will too.

Illustrations from Angel Tarot by Steve A. Roberts and Ascended Masters Oracle Deck by Lisa Iris.


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