Your Cards for Today: The Magician and Merlin

Magician MerlinFor this week, I decided on a change of pace. I will be using two of Doreen Virtue’s sets – her Angel Tarot, accompanied by her Ascended Masters Oracle Cards.

Doreen Virtue is the spiritual equivalent of Marmite. Just visit any large-chain-bookshop and you’ll find her decks and manuals elbowing just about everything else off of the shelves. Check out her YouTube channel and you’ll see packed halls of screaming fans, from all around the world, taking her angel card reading classes. However, if you step into a tarot forum, the response is quite different. Many tarotists find her decks to be unbalanced and too positive to reflect real life.

The Angel Tarot was a controversial release back in 2012. It was billed by Hay House as being the first tarot deck to be 100% positive and gentle. This ruffled the feathers of many tarot readers and enthusiasts, who were well aware that this was not the first deck to provide a positive slant on the more intimidating cards of tarot. Also, the statement suggested to some that there is something negative and unsafe about a traditional set of tarot cards. This is misleading and only perpetuates the wrong idea that many have about tarot.

While I wholeheartedly agree with those who were riled by Doreen (and Radleigh Valentine’s) deck, I enjoy this pack of tarot cards. I’ve always felt a deep connection to the images and this is one of the decks released under Doreen’s name which doesn’t appear rushed or throwaway. I notice that it gets a lot of use from people on Instagram.

To begin this week, we find The Magician from Doreen’s Angel Tarot and Merlin from the Ascended Masters. There is a similar energy to both cards, since Merlin is the quintessential magician.

The Magician in this tarot is played by Archangel Raziel, who is described as a wizard. It is said that he has the ability to take knowledge and turn it into reality. As with traditional versions of this card, he holds a wand to the skies and a hand to the ground, suggesting a grounding of inspiration and a manifestation of energy and dreams. We take our ideas and direct them into the earth.

In the Ascended Masters deck, Merlin raises his hands to the sky, as though charging himself for magical work. Similarly, he becomes a conduit for energy and positivity. Merlin assists healers, magicians and spiritual teachers to focus their energies in beneficial ways.

For today, these two magicians suggests great power within you. What is your initial understanding of this power? For some, this will be a confirmation of something they need to do. It could be a new career they’ve wanted to put their energy into or a personal project which they need to get out of their head and into the world. The Magician tells you that if this is the case, now is the time to get the ball rolling.

For others, these two cards will suggest something more mundane, but no less powerful. These cards advise us to make changes for the better – not in our life necessarily, but in someone else’s. Do you have the opportunity to use your gifts to help another? Can you reach out and heal somebody, as Merlin did, helping them to feel better with a kind word, some consideration, or a little time?

These cards both speak of magic for today. What is your superpower and how are you going to use it in the world around you?




Illustrations from The Angel Tarot by Steve A. Roberts and from Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Wendy Andrew.

You can read my review of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot here.


13 thoughts on “Your Cards for Today: The Magician and Merlin

  1. These two old men have the power to awaken my inner child, which still believes anything is possible if you set you mind to it. I’ve recently experienced that intention and action creates change and this is magic enough for me !!!
    Love the two decks together!


    • Absolutely, I see the magic in this scenario too. In some cases, it’s about making things happen by exercising a little effort, I think.

      I think these two decks work well together well. They compliment each other nicely. The AM adds a little something extra to the Angel Tarot – provides a twist or a little interesting advice to the mix.


  2. I once had Doreen’s Goddess Guidance Oracle and found the information not comprehensive enough so I traded it. She gets excellent artists to do the art on her decks, but I don’t see the insight and comprehension I like in books.

    It’s a bit like having only one gender in decks to have only the positive, to be complete you need it all, a reflection of real life and society. But still, they are a good price and have nice art. You can find things in them if you bother.

    She just doesn’t have subjects I’m interested in.

    These two cards were made for each other, don’t you think? Talk about a tie-in.


    • I don’t own many of Doreen’s decks – just two of her tarots and an Indigo one, which I bought because I liked the titles used. I found the Ascended Masters at the shop where I work. It was unboxed and scattered between different drawers. During a quiet half hour, I found all of the cards and put it together. It’s not one I would have bought myself but it seems to work really interestingly with the Angel Tarot here. I run with the titles but research the gods and goddesses elsewhere. In that sense, the cards are jumping points for learning but can provide a little extra insight in a reading, which is why I am mixing them up here. They have really got me thinking and feeling today, which is good.

      Yes, definitely a good tie-in. I was surprised about that. I tried a few other examples out to see how they worked and was really taken aback by how the second card made new sense of the first. I think my blog needed this freshness for this week.


  3. For me today, I’ll only be able to manifest what I want if I do a bit of energy healing first. A reminder that we need to take care of the physical as well as the mental. So, a hot pack on my back as I type this 🙂 Love that you found and put together the Ascended Masters deck, makes it feel more personal!


    • Thanks Chloe. Yes, I am glad also. It needed some love. It is quite worn by nice to shuffle because of it. Sometimes, these tools come to us by chance. I never found a connection to a lot of those packs but with a few practice reads (as an add-on to tarot), it has been insightful.

      I like your thoughts about giving attention to the physical too. All aspects need care to work in harmony.


  4. “It was unboxed and scattered between different drawers.”

    I’m horrified that people do this. It’s like bashing a book around or something. I like to keep my decks nice and tidy.


    • I am devastated if a card is lost or even has a minor chip. I guess that not everyone has the same respect for cards, which is sad really, because in this line of work they are a tool. At least this one has been saved and is now doing what it is meant to 😀


      • One time at a tarot shop the owner had a fellow in that was doing readings. He had an old R-W deck and it was filthy, he kept riffling them and talking, and I took one look at that grungy deck and cringed. It was quite off-putting the way he had no respect for it. It was brown with gunk from his hands. Revolting.


        • It’s an interesting observation. I have a very old RWS and a newer one. Both have sentimental value. The first, because it has been on this journey for so long. And the second, because my old friend’s dad gifted it to me. The first one shows its age. Some people (I remember on forums) liked an old looking deck, because it made them feel as though they were doing the tarot longer than they possibly was but I retired my set because it started to look dirty and greasy. It wasn’t nice to pass to anyone. It felt as though I was handing them a used tissue. I am sure that this set will go the same way. It is my main reading deck for others so it will probably go the same, become retired and then I’ll get another. My other decks are treated differently though, since they are not used for others.


      • I’m with you on the chip. I’ve gotten new decks with chips or bends and it puts me somewhat off the deck for a while. Although I’ve gotten a little better as I’ve gotten older. So many decks seem to have these minor flaws lately.


        • Yes, you’re right. The Angel Prayers being the worst I’ve experienced, along with the Rumi Tarot which just flaked away with every touch. That went back. I am careful with cards but these days I like a durable deck which I can use well and know I can replace easily.


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