Your Card for Today: The Emperor

emporer blogAs we reach the end of this week with the Night Sun Tarot, we meet with The Emperor.

Because I drew The Lovers yesterday, I notice that one of the trio in that card is actually this Emperor. Remember him from yesterday, with his clenched fist? I can now see that the woman in the card is The Empress. They both wear a crown of thorns and he has a small eagle perched on his left arm. Further thumbing through the pack reveals that the guy in the middle of The Lovers card is The Hermit.

From the union of the two lovers, we have just one half in this card – the masculine element. This man is associated with authority and control. In partnership, his Empress softens him, but alone, his organisation and power can be dominating.

For today, think about your relationship with authority. Do you see yourself in the shoes of the Emperor? Are you in a position where you can exert control or need to tap into your organisation skills and take charge? Is this something you feel comfortable doing?

Maybe The Emperor is someone else in your day. He needn’t be a man. For some people, his authority and charge will take form of a business, a committee or some kind of enforced control. How do you react to being told what to do or having your day organised by a power larger than your own?

Use the strength of this card today. Find The Emperor’s organisation and managerial skills within yourself but remember, without his consort, the Emperor can appear overbearing. Are you guiding others or are you pushing them to see things your way? Similarly, if you come face to face with this energy through another person or exterior force, ask yourself if the direction provided is for your better good or should you be exerting a little of your own backbone?




Illustration from The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani, 2014


8 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Emperor

  1. Being a woman myself i can do with a bit of structure from my animus 😀 At first I always thought he was too intimidating for me but now I’ve learned to appreciate the way he demonstrates his authority. I see him more like a father while his overbearing dominance is more his shadow side.


  2. Yes, I needed a good deal of structure on Friday, too. It was a school inset day, so both boys were home. I’m getting better at being authoritative, I think 😀


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