Your Card for Today: 7 of Cups

Cups 07 BlogFor this last day with the Night Sun Tarotwe have the 7 of Cups.

Although the book interpretation takes a step away from tarot tradition, the image on this 7 of Cups actually looks pretty traditional. We find a figure floating between seven cups and [as in Waite’s card] there is an air of choice and fantasy etched into the picture. Which of these floating cups does the man choose?

I like that the figure appears to be floating, since this card often arrives at those times when we have not focused our attention in any one particular direction.

I had planned on reviewing this deck today but, as the week has passed, I didn’t feel as though I had much to say about it. Instead, I decided on a brief overview.

From my understanding, the Night Sun Tarot concentrates on our subconscious. In a wordy introduction at the start of the accompanying pamphlet, use of the pack is described as a ‘dark probe’ –  “a research tool that becomes as much a mirror of our personality as of archetypal and universal images”. It suggests that the deck is capable of reflecting the world submerged in our subconscious and works directly with the language of intuition. In many ways I can see this and the deck, without a strict traditional leaning, has unearthed some interesting interpretations during the week.

Page of WandsAlthough the world of our subconscious concerns both light and dark energies, it is immediately obvious that this is a deck concentrating heavily on the darker forces. While rich in colouring, there is an over all physical darkness to the cards, which might unsettle the hardiest of practitioners. While I prefer a balanced set for professional readings, I am not one to shy away from decks with a darker theme. However, in many of these cards, it is not its subject-matter which I find unsettling – it is the style of artwork.

During this week, the cards drawn have not presented much of a problem. However, there are many in the pack which will prevent this from ever being a deck I use consistently – or even again. As with many computer generated tarots, it is the images of people which I find the most difficult to connect to. Now this is not the case with every card here, but many have a rubbery and lifeless feel to them: this is what has become personally unsettling for me. As I mentioned to a tarot-friend this week, some of the characters look as though the life has been sucked right out of them: they appear possessed and dolmagicianl-like. This is what really holds me back from enjoying the Night Sun Tarot, and not it’s dark themeAs an example, I find it hard to even look at the Page of Wands and King of Wands.

There is already a large amount of support for this tarot and my opinion about the art style does not reflect the usability of the deck. It should be noted that there are some stunning cards here, where characters appear hand drawn and less computerised than those I do not like. The Magician, Hanged Man and 3 of Swords were the cards which pulled me to the deck in the first place but, unfortunately, were not enough to save it.

For today, our 7 of Cups speaks of focus: or more to the point, a lack of it. Are you surrounded by options, all of which are appealing and difficult to choose between? Have you been indulging in fantasy and daydream, finding it difficult to make the first step into reality?

As we begin this weekend, it is time to find some focus in a particular situation. Your job for today is to stop floating and make a decision. If you have been differing over too many options, the tarot is suggesting that now is the time to pick one!




Illustrations from The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani, 2015


3 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: 7 of Cups

  1. Interesting that you ended up feeling uncomfortable with it. I think it might be that sense of unreality and slight creepiness that others had picked up on, too, but not articulated as well as you have 🙂 One I’ll be happy to skip!


    • Yes, it did leave me feeling uncomfortable. And quite possibly not for the reasons people would assume. I have worked with many darker-themed decks but none have left me feeling like this one. In this style of art, the figures appear real but not real enough. They remind me of the life-size dolls you can buy which look human but are dead behind the eyes.


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