Your Card for Today: The Lovers

lovers blogFrom the Night Sun Tarotwe have The Lovers for today.

This is our first major card from this week’s draws with the deck. When a major card, like The Lovers, hits the table, we recognise that it’s message brings a deep and lasting impression to our reading.

Although we associate The Lovers with love, its original message is one of choice and this version from the Night Sun Tarot acknowledges that. Associated with the astrological sign of Gemini and the Hebrew letter Zain, it asks us ‘What choice must I make and in what area?’

Even though the union between the man and woman in this card appears to be blessed, it is a strange depiction. The woman holds her hand out to the mans chest. He has a clenched fist. There is no explanation in the accompanying book about the set-up of the card. It could be that the central figure is a mediator.

For today, this version of The Lovers could concern the way we respond to new opportunities. Within both life and love, we have the power to choose how we react to situations – with our fist or the gentle touch of our open hand. Notice that the woman simply touches his heart.

What choices do you face today? Are they within the landscape of love or something else? This card can indicate decisions which need to be made within deep relationships but it could be that something else of great importance must be considered.

Examine how you react to those you love and the opportunities placed before you. Do you respond or react. Are you a lover or a fighter? Stop and consider this today when a choice must be made. On a bigger level, are you thinking of others or just your own needs? Today brings about a large decision. How will you choose?




Illustration from the Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani, 2015


4 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: The Lovers

  1. The more mass published decks I see on your blog, the more I wish for YOUR deck to be published! 😀 Your deck doesn’t make me feel like I’m in a cold, sterile laboratory.


    • Thanks so much, Bev.

      Although my tarot is created on the computer, I wanted to inject feeling, warmth and depth. I am currently designing a new set, using collage and photography. I am making sure that every creative stroke has meaning and feeling attached to it.

      I take it that the Night Sun is not on your wish-list then?


  2. I’m with Bev, your deck has so much more warmth and feeling than this! There’s something distinctly disturbing about this image, with the blood running down his face and how she seems to try to push him away. Yech!


    • Also, it feels very posed and stiff. The more that this kind of art tries to imitate reality, the less it does. For me personally, there is no feeling. As much as I had high hopes and looked forward to it coming, I must say that it is not a deck I like. There are a few really stunning cards, but not enough for it to become a workable set for me, unfortunately.


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