Your Card for Today: Ace of Cups

acecupsblogHere is a bright card for our Wednesday. From the Night Sun Tarot, we have a joyous Ace of Cups.

What could look more positive than this? Beautiful white flowers grow from within a single cup, bathed in light. Above them reigns the elemental symbol for water. The light directs our attention to the cup, suggesting an opportunity to be taken.

Who wouldn’t want to see a card like this today? When this card enters our draw, it brings new life within the emotional realm. It symbolises the opening of our heart.

Could this suggest the beginning of a new relationship? Yes, it could. For today, the Ace of Cups could represent either a new friend or lover, but in some cases, it will bring about the rekindling of an old union or the mending of a broken bond .. if you allow it to.

For any union to flourish, we must first become open to the possibility. This card may well advise opening your heart to love. Is this a door which remains open for you or has it been shut due to previous hurt or betrayal?

Accept the Ace of Cups into your day. This card does not speak only of relationships. It suggests being open to happiness and allowing yourself to feel on an emotional level – something which some of us will find far harder than others.




Illustration from the Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani, 2015


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Ace of Cups

  1. Just had to say that I love this cup. One of the nicest interpretations of this card that I’ve seen.
    Looks like you have a good deck there–getting some thoughts and liking the visuals.


    • It is lovely. There is some really lovely line drawing in this deck, interestingly in the cards drawn so far. But there is also some unsettling computer-game-looking characters, which alters my feelings for the deck.


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