Your Card for Today: 8 of Pentacles

Pentacles 08From the Night Sun Tarot, we have the 8 of Pentacles today.

Even though not immediately obvious, this version of the card does incorporate learning into its interpretation. The pamphlet definition provides ‘earnings, learning, prudence, avidity, poor advice’ as its brief definition. When I look at this card, I can see a few of the meanings offered but feel most comfortable with the traditional Waite interpretation, linking the card to new skills and training. For me, with a current interest in learning new skills myself, this makes a lot of sense.

In this image, the woman explains something to the man. Above her are the tokens of her experience, as I see them. They are her trophies of time and effort. She passes on information to her student, as he begins his own course of learning.

For today, think about those things you can develop and refine. What area of your life needs attention? In your career, you may consider strengthening your practice or adding new skills to your arsenal. These might well take time or effort. Could the woman in this card represent a teacher, sharing her wisdom and valuable experience? In your emotional life, the 8 of Pentacles might highlight a specific relationship which needs both work and focus. Relationships need constant attention if we wish to keep them alive.

What new skill are you open to learning today? Who can help you to perfect a skill you already have? Think about ways in which you can adapt the 8 of Pentacles into your day; whether this is something small, which will benefit you, or a commitment to something longer-lasting.




Illustration from the Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani, 2015


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: 8 of Pentacles

  1. I thought of something while looking at this…those horns remind me of Victorian ear trumpets for deaf people, and the idea here might be that to learn, to attain knowledge, you need to listen.

    Yeah, that fits nicely. Another solution in the big, bad, world. Now if only we could solve affordable printing prices for creative artists, eh?


    • Interesting observation there! I like that. I have never thought of the 8 of Pentacles as being as being about training through listening but I can see that a lot here.

      Yes, definitely. I had a pretty horrendous quote for some printing but am waiting on another …


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