Your Card for Today: King of Pentacles

King of PentsWe have had a lot of male energy on the blog in recent times. Yesterday, we met with the King of Cups. During last week, we drew the Knight of Pentacles and a version of today’s card (from the Adrian Tarot).

The King of Pentacles from the Night Sun Tarot feels slightly different here. Although he doesn’t look much older than his cousin from the Adrian Tarot, he feels more connected to practicality than luxury. His throne appears to incorporate a chest with a lock beneath its seat, suggesting his connection to money, but he is not dressed lavishly. We could deduce that his power and accumulation of wealth has been brought about by hard work and commitment, rather than being given to him on a plate.

It is always nice when the elemental association of a suit washes through a deck, which it does here. All of the cards in the Pentacle suit relate to Earth and are coloured in green. This links them to the physical world of finance, property, the body and the tangible.

As you begin this week, do you feel strong like this king? Do you have a resource of experience and know-how in your own locked trunk? What is your definition of wealth? Does it relate to your savings, your home, your experience or your health? Whatever it is, it is a resource you will tap into this week.

Think about your physical power today. How can you use what you have to help someone else? If this person is someone in your life, how can they use what they have to assist you? In daily life, the King of Pentacles could be a bank manager, financial advisor, a property developer or a person who pays your wages. Seek him out if your own personal power within the physical realm is lacking. At best, this man is here to support you.




Illustration from the Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani



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