Your Card for Today: King of Cups

Cups KingFor this week, I will be using the recently released Night Sun Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo. In today’s watery-coloured card, we meet with the deck’s King of Cups.

Sitting beneath the alchemical symbol for Water, the king holds up his right hand. There is no reference to this in the little book which comes with the set but it reminds me of the Buddhist mudra for protection (a gesture also used within Christian depictions of Jesus).

But who is this king protecting? Could he be protecting himself? With reference to the Waite system, this could make sense, since this man has mastered his feelings and knows how to control them. One foot sits within the world of emotion (the water), suggesting that he can tap into the realm through understanding and compassion. However, he does not jump in entirely. His dry foot allows some detachment. He protects his own feelings with maturity and through experience.

For some people, this man will be a comfort, since he will help them to understand their feelings without getting his own emotional-knickers-in-a-knot. He is calm and can offer advice, sometimes in a professional capacity. In other situations, he will suggest an aspect of yourself. Can you relate to the need for emotional protection today? Can you see where you might need to hold your hand up and not let another person  manipulate how you feel?

Which interpretation for this card rings true for you today? Do you need to seek out the wisdom of this king and make use of his advice? Or do you need to protect yourself within a highly emotive situation?




Illustration from the Night Sun Tarot, edited by Pietro Alligo, published by Lo Scarabeo 2015



12 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: King of Cups

  1. I quite like this King, with one foot in the water. And love your description of him maintaining some emotional calm and not getting himself in a knot 😀 I’ll be interested to see your take on this deck over the week. Very mixed reviews I’ve seen online, including some people saying it horrified them…


  2. I’ve just visited my husband and this always brings out the King of Cups in me. Trying to connect to him on an emotional level while keeping my own boundaries save


  3. I actually like this King too with his wing chair and lotus (or waterlily.) That’s very Thothy fountain-like. I also like the marble wall, like a well.

    I didn’t see anything horrifible when I looked online. Maybe they don’t show the terrible ones? Yikes, you must unfold the mystery. Pietro is the editor, who is the illustrator for this deck?


    • You know, I have no idea. The booklet says that the instructions are by Fabio Listrani, the collection is edited by Pedro Alligo and the diffusion and marketing is by Mario Pignatiello. No mention of an illustrator anywhere 😦

      I like this King also – more so than some of the other cards.


  4. Fabio Listrani is definitely the illustrator – he has done some amazing work in graphic novels and has his first sole-authored ‘comic’ coming out later this year. He is a great chap and well versed in the Golden Dawn esoteric system. Surely this deck is one of the most amazing to be published in years.

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    • Thanks so much. I will look into that. I had not heart of Listrani before – some of the cards feel a bit stylistically different too each other so it will be interesting to see how his comic book work is.

      It should be an interesting week with the deck. I feel that my use of it will only skim the surface though and may not reflect its depth and the research behind it. But I hope that it will provide some interesting reflections here and allow others to use them pro-actively.


  5. Thank you Steve for your daily card draws. Your interpretations consistently hit home in a way that has real substance, insight and power. I’m grateful to you for providing this service.

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    • George, it is a pleasure. And it means a lot for me to know that people get something from them. I write because I enjoy to, so when I am complimented on my work, it really is a much appreciated bonus. Thank you!


    • Thanks Judy. Ah, yes, I see his work and style now. Problem solved, indeed. With so many collaborations in tarot, it is not always easy to figure if the creator and illustrator are one and the same these days, so I didn’t want to jump to that conclusion.


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