Your Card for Today: Knight of Pentacles

knight of pents blogFor this last day with the Adrian Tarot, we have the Knight of Pentacles.

I had to look twice when I pulled this card, since at first, I thought it was the suit’s king. It is actually noted in the accompanying pamphlet that this guy appears older than his king (see Tuesday’s draw); quite possibly due to his serious work ethic and mature focus.

I have grown to really like the Knight of Pentacles over the years. He is the bridge between dreaming and achieving your goals. He works hard, is determined and doesn’t quit mid-flow.

I like this version of the card. The man is strong and his disk (Pentacle) becomes a shield. The bull within it is a symbol of his power, fertility and readiness to defend. This knight is loyal and dependable. His physical strength is shown within his body and the time he has invested into it.

What can the Knight of Pentacles teach you today?

This is a card of getting down to the job at hand. Have you been putting something off? Deep down, do you know that you’ll not get where you want to be without a little hard-graft? This is not a card of fantasy or pipe-dreams. The Knight of Pentacles reminds us that what we receive is measured by what we put in. However, this does not concern only the attainment of our goals. There is a much stronger message at hand – we will also be rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well done and in knowing that we rolled up our sleeves and did it our self!

Where can you invest the energy of this card today? The harder and more difficult tasks will always produce the greatest of reward.




Illustration from the Adrian Tarot by Adrian Bernhard Koehli, 1997


2 thoughts on “Your Card for Today: Knight of Pentacles

  1. It’s interesting, I’ve been doing really well of late with sticking to things and working through projects slowly but steadily. One part is having adopted a daily to-do list, accepting some bits won’t get ticked off, but also keeping it short. And today in particular, I re-did something because it just wasn’t good enough the previous go around. Plodding to re-do, but worth it 😀


    • This sounds great, Chloe, and this is the kind of energy I associate with the card – that plodding which has focus and results in something. It’s about stopping, evaluating, refining and continuing.


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